john deere jx75 or snapper commercial 21 mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by spobubba, May 12, 2003.

  1. spobubba

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    I noticed a couple of differences btwn these 2 mowers.

    One, the JD has a 5 gear transmission, the snapper has a 6 speed disc drive tranny. Is one better than the other? I assume the gear tranny is more durable and provides better traction. I want to look at the snapper becasue of the 6 speeds. I'm hoping that the mower has a couple of speeds btwn the 3-4 MPH range. The JD does not have any speeds btwn 3-4 MPH.

    Two, does any one know if the Robin engine on the snapper is pressure lubricated? The JD is.

    Any general opinions as to which is a better mower for bagging?

  2. robin 2

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    I have six of the commercial snapper pushmowers with the 4 Horse 2 cycle robin engines on them. The top speed on the GPS is 3.9 mph which is fast enough for me. The deck has the bottom edges curled under on the snapper to help suck up more grass and leaves and the grass bag is probably bigger on the snapper. I'm sure the 4 cycle engine is presure lubed, but I'm not sure. If I was going to get another one I would buy one with the Kawasaki engine. I don't see many John Deere pushmowers so I can't make any justified comparisons for you. Maybe I helped anyways.
  3. Wesley's Lawn

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    I got the JX 75 and i love it its a great mower fast enough for me. it bags pretty good and the kawi motor is bulletproof.
  4. spobubba

    spobubba LawnSite Member
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    What gear do you cut in on the JX75? 4th seems just too slow.

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