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John Deere LA115 Tractor Without the JD Price!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by GVHINESCO, Aug 28, 2011.


    GVHINESCO LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    :usflag:FOR SALE:

    This 2008 John Deere LA115 has very few work hrs.

    Comes with a 19.5 Brigs and Stratton Motor and includes the following items.

    Powerful engine features full-pressure lubrication for long life...

    Frame made of full-length welded steel for reliability...

    Cast-iron front axle will not bend..

    Hydro/automatic drive gives an infinite choice of ground speeds...

    Hood will not dent or rust and includes quality headlights for good visibility...

    Operator station designed for comfortable operation...

    Translucent fuel tank with sight gauge for ease of checking fuel level...

    Reverse Implement Option (RIO) allows operator to mow while backing up if deemed necessary... .

    Original retail price of mower was $1700 +.

    This tractor has no deck, however if you want to get in to a John Deere at a reasonable price this is the tractor for you!

    I am asking for only $775.00.... way below its true value. I may work a bit more with a MOTIVATED BUYER!

    Please Note=>I dropped my camera! It simply won't take photos anymore! The photo is not the actual tractor. BE ASSURED THE TRACTOR I AM SELLING APPEARS NEW AND OPERATES AS NEW!

    Please email me your interest/questions along with your contact information including telephone number. I will get right back with you!

    Thank you for viewing my AD!

    JD DON.jpg

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