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    JDL for whatever reason has a pay by the 15th deduct 2% cutoff date. Everybody else that I've dealt is the 10th. Not sure what their motivation is but it has to be money related. My QBCKS doesn't even list the pay by 15th option.

    JDL is very convenient for us but they are killing us on prices. I have a great relationship with the manager but they have some kind of points deal and the rep hasn't done a good job explaining it to me. Will somebody explain to me how I can make JDL points work for me? They said something about purchasing over 25,000 to get the better pricing. It's a chicken and egg deal. I will shop after I get the better pricing. I will not shop to get the better pricing. Pricing isn't everything, service is important but their pricing isn't even close on some high volume items.

    Also they run this weird inventory system. If something doesn't move they won't stock it. So going there is a risk on oddball stuff. My purchasing with JDL has steadily declined but gas and travel time costs make me want to try and figure them out again.
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    Funny thing about them.In may I bought about $700 in seed and starter fert to do some overseeding. They then sent me a bill for $104.23 . I thought it was weird and just kinda blew it off. Yesterday when I opened my mail there was a check from lesco ( jdl) for $104.23

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    Did you pay the original 700 or was that a billing screw up?
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    Our JDL is about 1-2 blocks away from Ewing. I haven't bought anything at JDL in over two years. Probably over three. High prices, manager at that time was a pain in the rear.
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    I never recived a bill for the original $700
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    Ca ching,

    Ya, they are pretty steep. Kenny, Rudy, and Adam are great, but prices are pretty steep. They are more convenient to go to versus Capital, but Capital is more fun to go to, and it's a little less expensive. Plus, I can drop off lawn equipment and get landscape parts at the same location on Capital.
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    My biggest gripe with JDL is they never have everything in stock and when you place an order for delivery they never tell me that it is not all there until I go through everything and figure it out on my own and say you are on a pw or union job that is $35hr for labor and you have 3 workers waisting 3-6hrs cause JDL forgot to mention they had the wire but not the 2" pvc main. I just started saying, "here is my order if you can't fill 100% of it don't deliver it, call me and I will have to go elsewhere" There are a couple of suppliers in the area and even though I perceive JDL to be the largest, like someone said they only stock the more "common parts" while at the same time I can go to a smaller supplier and they have 100% of the parts a 100% of the time. And if you have a handle on your inventory and usually keep 2wks of parts at any time I would recommend going to a mail order company unless you can get a couple of boxes of heads and valves dropped off at no charge it is something to consider. Any peeps that break down their overhead for waste will realize this example: I have 3 techs of which say they go to a supply house to pick up parts at least 3-4 times a month with a 30 min drive each way (plus say 30 min at the supplier) with a estimated cost of $35hr with overhead. That is $472.50 a month and say out of the 13.5hr you could of had say 7hr of billable work so that $472.50 turns into what? $1k? a month. That is why I can't stand it when a tech goes to a supplier on Tuesday and then on Friday they are out of funny pipe?? WTF???

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    I hit a frustration there. JDL has really screwed up a sweet supply house deal for me. They bought a company called Pipe N Heads here who prided themselves on PIG (product in stock guarantee). Now dealing with them is frustrating to no end.

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    When you get a screw up like that don't you feel obligated to go tell them? I know it's one of those blahhhh moments but still you got to make it right. When I forget to load something on my truck I will call and they just take it off the invoice. I think most of my suppliers would trust me to do the reverse for them.
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    Used to buy from JDL, now all Ewing, all the time.

    Always have everything I need, or at least tell me what they are low/out of. Haven't been to their store in about 6 months, they deliver everything either to shop or directly to job.

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