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John Deere M653, Need Buying Help!!!!


LawnSite Member
Quad Cities, IL
Hello ya'll!
I'm new to the site but have been mowin for quite a few years with the old 214. I'm lookin at gettin a newer ztr mower. My local dealer has a 2000 M653 with 740 hours on it. It has been sitting outside for quite a while but it starts up and runs great. The side of the deck that does the trimming isnt even scratched up hardly any. I was very surprised when I saw that. It was a repo unit from the North Carolina area. I know this for a fact cause he bought it there and brought it up here. He wants $3500 for it and says he really cant take any less. What do you guys think about this deal? I want to get a descent machine for about $3000, should I go with this one? I just want to tell you all that this is a great site to get information off of. Thanks a lot.


LawnSite Senior Member
Haven't kept up with Deere prices in awhile, so I can't help you there, but welcome to the forum!


LawnSite Senior Member
I bought a new M653 new in 02 for about $6500. It only has 122 hrs. on it and I am guessing it would sell for around $4500 now. If it is mechanically sound $3000 sounds like a decent deal. Since it is a repo though, I would be hesitant on the condition of it.