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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by C&M, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. C&M

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    I just picked up a John Deere M665 mid z mower with the 25hp kohlor and the 60'' deck. It cuts very well and very fast. Has a 2yr full service warranty and have had good service with my dealer before. Any one heard any feedback on this particular mower. I shopped around before buying, but I'm just sold on Deere.
  2. GREG R

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    I'm stuck on deere too, don't know why
    I started with them and 9 years ago and
    stuck with them.
    We are currently running 2 of the m665
    one with a peco bagger ($2300.00-ouch!!!)
    They run really well for us but I haven't
    had the chance to run anything else except for
    a few demos of other brands.
    other deere products we have or gone through
    are 2-48" wd, 1-36" wb, a f620(didn't care for it)
    and the two m665.
    Thought about changing brands but the service
    dept at deere, just can't be bet in my area..
  3. lee b

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    HEY, I just parked my M665, bought it yesterday. Haven't mowed a bunch with it yet, but I love it. It's very fast and really cuts nice. Just mowed 3 yards and only took about half as long. I think if more LCO's would demo the Deere ztr they would be really surprised at how nice a machine it is. Not knocking lazers at all, I think there really good too, but demoed Deere and Exmark and the M665 was just a little better mower.

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