John Deere mulch on demand deck

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ArTurf, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. ArTurf

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    Who has this deck and how does it perform? I would think there would be some compimise on a system like this but really like the idea.
  2. inHaliburton

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    I'm getting my 937a with a 54" deck on Friday. I wanted the Mulch on Demand deck, but i found out that it's only available in a 60" width. Sixty-inches is too big for a lot of my in-town properties. They say it does a good job and is the best of both worlds, which is why I wanted that deck.
  3. gl1200a

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    I'm a long time Deere LCO and everything I have heard is not good for the M.O.D. deck. One of my local dealers has had one for three years. It goes out on demos and comes back every time. It has not been popular for one reason or another and they have even had the one that they sold come back in on trade in less than one year. AND it's a $1,000.00 option.

    I'm not sure what the complaints are, but there seems to be little satisfaction.
  4. deerex

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    They may say it is the best of both worlds. But I say it is the worst of both worlds. I had a 2006 mulch on demand and traded it in on a new 2007 , 757 non mulch on demand and got a aftermarket chute blocker and I am 100 times happier with this set up. The mod deck does have a decent cut and is very good for fall leaves. When you mulch it leaves a trail by the discharge. It also does a very bad job of discharging clippings compared to non mod decks. And this deck is terrible in wet grass. You couldn't pay me to get another mod deck.
  5. Grass Cake

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    >757 non mulch on demand and got a aftermarket chute blocker

    Can i ask what chute blocker you chose?
  6. POPO4995

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    I have a 2006 757 60" MOD. Just bought it last week. The mower works ok but it is nowhere near the performance level of the 7 IRON decks. I havent noticed any trail being left on the right side of the deck, however, it doesnt disperse clippings near as evenly as the non-MOD decks do. We dont really mulch in this area very much but figured I would give it a shot. It is absolutely terrible in wet conditions, as I found that out on Saturday! To be completely honest, the only reason I bought it was because the dealer had it sitting there for a year and wanted to move it. I got a very good deal on it so it will work for a couple years. If I was to chose between a 757 60" MOD or non-MOD, I would take the regular 7 IRON II deck. Just my 0.02:rolleyes:
  7. MJB

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    I demoed one and loved the concept but it didn't side discharge very well. But I was wondering if you tried different blade options like high lifts what would happen ? I like to mulch but I also like to have the side discharge opening to clean it up if need be. I hope they keep working on this because I will own one if they get the bugs out of it.
  8. inHaliburton

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    I appreciate your frankness regarding the MOD that you purchased.

    I noticed that you also own a '04 Deere 737 (54" 7 IRON). I'm picking up one this week. Care to share your likes and dislikes?

    Also, do you know the differences between the 7 Iron and the Iron II ?
  9. POPO4995

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    I love my 737. It doesn't have much trim capability because the deck doesnt stick out more than maybe an inch or so. As for everything else, you will love it. Awesome cut and plenty of power. The only difference between the decks is the blade tip speed: 7 IRON has a 16,500 fpm and the 7 IRON II has 18,000 fpm.:waving:
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    Cool... I wasn't aware they were making it available with the 7-Iron II.

    Please do fill me in on this mower when it arrives.

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