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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by mowerbrad, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I am in the market for a pressure washer just for personal use and have started to look around. Seeing as I like to go through dealers for all my equipment, the Deere pressure washers stand out to me as I go to my Deere dealer for my mowers and handhelds. They have great service, so I know if the unit breaks down I can get it serviced quickly.

    This pressure washer will only be used occasionally, maybe 10-15 hours each year. It'll be used to clean our garage floor, sideway, deck and parts of the driveway. Otherwise it won't be used for much more, but I'm sure I'll come up for more uses for it once I have it.

    The John Deere unit I'm looking at is one that has 3000psi and has the 6.5hp honda engine or the 7hp subaru. I know that with good maintenance the engine should last as long as I need it to. But I have heard that the pump on these units aren't anything special, and those seem to be the weak link on these units.

    So are these John Deere pressure washers any good for home use? Will the pump/engine last for a while, assuming 10-15 hours of use per year?
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    I am looking a purchasing the same model The specs on the 3800 psi box store John Deere pressure washer look better$Ntt=john%20deere$y=1$x=52 then the JD dealer 3000 psi unit for not that much more. I got to think that the non box store one is better but the specs don't back that up. Anyone have and opinions or advice between these two models?
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    if you want to compare box store to dealer theres one for you... bought a new js46 22in push mower from dealer for 500+tax and went to home depot a few days latter, they have the exact same mower down to every last part, but there was NO warranty for it over 3 months unless i wanted to pay like 150 bucks extra. in other words go with the dealer because you can have it serviced and they have all the records on your equipment.
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    OP, the engine will likely last several pumps under normal use. They hide the pump well in the picture, but I think it comes from AR (of North America). AR is the low price leader for pumps with extensive automation in production and Chinese sources. The pumps are about 50-100 hour pumps and the engine should be good for at least 250 hours. There are no US-made plunger pumps on pressure washers with the exception of some Hypro pumps.

    Most all pressure washers are made in whole or part in China, unless you are buying a larger unit. It is not uncommon to buy a China-made engine and an Italian/China-made pump, on a China-made frame with China made tires. It is sold with an "American" name on it however.:usflag:

    I do not want to be a basher or buzz kill, just informative.
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    I need some quick advise guys....

    I'm trying to decide between two units now, one John Deere and one Ridgid.

    The John Deere is the model PR-3000GS. It is rated up to 3000psi and 2.4 gpm and with a 7hp subaru engine. This unit is categorized as a Premium Medium Duty pressure washer from deere's website. Its priced at $649.99.

    The Ridgid that I'm looking at (actually 2 models), both are the 3000psi models with 2.6 gpm with the 170cc subaru engine, one is priced at $629.00 and the other is priced at $579.00. The only difference between the two models is the $629 model has a trplex type pump while the $579 model has a direct drive type pump.

    The rigid stands out to me because of the CAT pumps they use. But the Deere model I'm looking at has the same "triplex with ceramic plungers" pump that Deere's commercial line has, so it seems like that pump would be okay.

    I'd also be buying the Deere from my Deere dealer as apposed to buying the Ridgid at home depot.

    I'd like to buy one this week (hopefully in a day or two) so I need some fast help!!!!!
  6. RDA

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    I spent a lot of time researching as well, I ended up going with the Ridgid with the FI Subaru engine and Cat pump (around $749 retail IIRC). I only have about 5 hours on mine so far but it is really nice, powerful for most tasks and the engine seems well built. Only time will tell but I am similar to you, probably use it 15-20 hours per year (I installed an hour meter on it to see exactly how much I use it actually). I believe the Subaru engine should last a long time, it starts easily (only weird thing is you have to prepare it to run by pulling the starter cord a few times with it off to prime the fuel and then turn it on and pull and it starts immediately) and for the price, one of the few I found with a Cat pump.

    Oh yeah, I am a big fan of JD green but still went with the Ridgid, only Ridgid item I currently own other than a couple of pipe wrenches.



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  8. RDA

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    You really think something they offer is necessary for a pressure washer for home use of 10-15 hours per year?


  9. mowerbrad

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    I'd love to be able to afford the $1200+ pressure washers but that is just not within the budget. I'm looking to spend around $600 or less. I can get the JD for $619 ($30 cash back offer) and I can get the Ridgid for $579.

    I'm using it at home, so its not going to get used that much. It will wash our deck every few years, wash our garage out once a year and maybe a few odds and ends every now and then. So 10-15 hours per year.

    The Pump on the JD seems to be okay for what I will use it for. It is not the cheaper axial pumps, but rather the triplex with the ceramic plungers. From my research this JD pump should last me quite a while with the use I will give it. It seems a bit better built than the Ridgid, too.

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