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John Deere Price

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Anyone have a clue what I could possibly get for my John Deere 757 60" Zero Turn. It has 350 hours and has been taken great care of. Just bought another mower and need to possibly sell this. Just wonderin if someone could help me out. Thanks.
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Our local Deere dealer has an '07 model Z757 with a 60" deck and 153 hours on it. When I saw the price tag of $7900, I asked him "Are you serious or did someone put this tag on the wrong mower" ? He didn't have an answer and that's the only Z they had there, so I left. He called an hour later to offer me a new model Z720A with a 25 hp Kohler and 60" deck for $7100 otd.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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