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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Willjohnfrank, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Willjohnfrank

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    Hey guys I am buying 2 new mowers this year. I have a good deal with my local deere dealer. I want to get the new 994 diesel it is in my price range but I am worried about the small horsepower rating on it. I know it is all about the torque but I am hoping in the few months it has been out that someone on here has tried it, or someone has had a small horsepower rating diesel. My selling point on it is longevity and the supposed lower emissions on it. Slightly lighter than the 997 and a lot lower on the price. I would want a mulch on demand 60. What do you guys think. The other I want is a 960m 31 hp 60 inch. I currently have one and its great.
  2. CGros31

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    Haven’t tried it yet but I’d bet that engine runs a 60 inch deck fine.
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  3. Mowing monkey.

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    I’d buy a Kubota instead but I doubt power will be a problem. My Grasshopper has more power because the current emissions regulations for 25 hp and larger engines didn’t exist then but it has plenty of power for a 72” deck.
  4. greenlawn33a

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    Demoed the 994 for two days. Has plenty of power for mowing. If you have a lot of hills it may struggle a bit on the hills.

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