John Deere Quiktrak Questions.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by banjoman, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. banjoman

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    Hello everyone, I have decided that it is time to upgrade from an old mower to something fairly new. The Grasshopper still runs great and cuts fantastic, but it is almost 25 years old with quite a few miles on it. I am blessed to have such a good machine, but I think it might not be a bad idea to get something fairly new. Although I can't afford a new one, I am going to save up for a used one in good shape. What draws me to the stander concept is the versatility and they don't take up much trailer space, which is a plus for me since my little trailer is only a 5x8. I'm looking at the Deere because I have always liked their tractors & 21" mowers, I have read nothing but great reviews on the 7 Iron deck, and I like the height adjustment system on the quiktraks. Since my trailer is small, I am limited to the 647 or 657. Which I assume is the same machine, besides the deck size. I know these machines are built like a tank and 600-1200 hours would be nothing on them, but I am still somewhat nervous about handing over $3000-$3700 for one. This is my first big purchase, so I have a few questions If you guys don't mind. Please be honest, you wont hurt my feelings.

    1.Would it be worth it to spend $3500 on a machine with 600+ hours, as long as the mower is in good shape and has had regular maintenance done each season?

    2.Is there anything in particular I need to look out for when I go look at one?

    3.Would a quiktrak with high hours last a pretty good while before I had to start replacing parts(Hydro Pumps, Wheel motors, etc..)?

    4.Do they hold pretty good on slopes, even with my 260 pound rear on the back.

    5.How does the 7 Iron perform in wet grass or thick weedy grass?

    Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to reading your opinions.
  2. banjoman

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    No one on here uses quiktraks?
  3. nashlawn01

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    $3500 would be a good deal. I paid $9300 for my 652r mod quicktrak. The mod deck cuts real good but the 7 iron is unbelievable in all conditions. Mine does awesome on slopes. Sideways up and down I can't get it to rare up on me. I weight 175 though. I would think if good maintenance has been done it should go 1200-1500 hours before replacing parts IMO
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  4. turfbuilder

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    Buy a Wright...:waving:
  5. banjoman

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    Here is a couple of pictures of my "New" John Deere 647A Quiktrak. Ive owned it for 3 weeks now, but I have been so busy I just ant had time to post any pics until now. Its a 2012 model, I got it for $3,000 with only 467 hours on the meter. Its been a dandy mower so far. The 7 Iron deck leaves a great cut and does pretty good in wet grass. The 23hp Kawasaki engine gives it plenty of power. It stripes better than any mower I have ever owned as well. It has also increased my productivity by a long shot. For example, on days when I used the Grasshopper, I would finish around 4-5pm in the evening. Now I am getting done at 1:30-2pm. The only problem I have had so far is that it does not do to good on hills. It has a tendency to slide, but I have been able to manage it. Other than that I think I made a pretty good purchase. It does need a new set of blades and I was wondering what type of blades some of you guys use. It has High Lifts on it right now I think, they don't have a notch in them though. Is there a G6 Gator blade available for this mower?

    (Sorry its a little dirty, I just got done mowing when I took these.)







  6. zmowingmaster

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    check the bolts that hold the engine to chasis.for some reason,I found only one left after 300 hours of use.
  7. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    I have a 657A.....that I paid 3K for. I also was pleasantly surprised....first stander I ever tried out. Let me say, those are Very nice lines for that mower - I find it much harder to keep straight lines on the stander than on a z. Good purchase - think it will serve you very well....
  8. southerntide

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    You need to get some front caster caps for that thing. I would love to have one no one uses standers or WB's here, my JD Dealer is gigantic and they don't even carry these.
  9. Realslowww

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    I rented one for a few days back in 2005 and the deck was the only thing worth keeping the rest of the machine is scrap metal.
  10. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    If it was being rented then good chance it was treated pretty rough and not in good shape.

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