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Note: Posted here as advised in another section of this forum:-

I am just reviewing which is the best rideon rear collecting lawn mower to purchase and have got this down to 1 of 2 John Deere mowers (mainly for their quality).

It is for my home lawn which is about 18 mtrs x 50 mtrs.

I am steering towards the new 2010 model X130R due to it being a manufactured John Deere and not rebadged like the LR135. Also got a local dealer who is doing me a good price.

I am interested in any feedback anyone can provide on the following:-

1. General John Deere lawn mowers and how good are they?
2. The new X130R? Anyone got one and what are your thoughts?
3. How does the X130R compare to the LR135
4. Do you rate the LR135
5. If you could choose, which one would you get?

I am hoping to make a decision this weekend so would really apppreciate any feedback that you can provide between now and then.

Thanks in advance
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