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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Scott99, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. jeffwoehrle

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    Hey all,

    The voltage regulator replacement solved my draining battery issue, but I still need to jump to start...even right after shutting the engine down. Battery tests okay, but not enough oomph to turn it over.

    Steering problem is gone, but that seemed to appear as the battery (same one as now) drained due to lack of charging.

    Unsure if the lack of cranking ability is part of the same issue, or perhaps a malfunctioning compression release.

    Short on time for the next week or two to mess with it, and using the starter/charger for starting isn't that much of a problem for the moment.

    I'll post further steps I take.
  2. weeleen2

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    does anyone have any advice on where i can purchase a bagger for my mower. mike
  3. gordym

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    Well, now that the weather is warming up and the snow is gone....... I'd like to try and fix my steering problem again.
    I charged the battery up over the last few days and my SST 16 works fine in reverse but will not turn when moving in the forward direction.

    Does anyone have a diagram showing the above procedure so I can try an "bypass" the vacuum lines to see if that is the problem. It sure seems weird that the tractor works fine in reverse)
    I don't have a "T" connector or vacuum tester tool for the 13 psi.

    Any ideas and help would be appreciated because I'm laid off and don't have the cash to have someone charge me $500 to pick up my tractor....unless I have to............

    Thanks for everyone's help!!!
  4. Johnagain

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    I just got done working on my uncles SST16 and had to change the actuator on one side because it would not steer in foward. This is the first thing I would check on your mower. Remove the back portion of the mower the part with the seat. and then you can get to the actuators easily. Remove them and check them carefully for any cracks in the rubber. If it has any then replace because this is where the vacuum leak is. Here is the part # from JD AM133406. Cost is $74.20 If you go to the JD website you can View all the technical manuals online for this mower. You can also order the part and they will ship it to your local dealer. If you need any further assistance let me know and I'll try to help.
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  5. gordym

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    from midwest
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    Thanks for the help Johnagain!

    Do you remember if it was the left or right actuator that was causing your forward steering issues? I've had that area pulled apart when I replaced the steering switches last year and remember that there were two of them under the seating area. I'm just assuming that one is forward and one is reverse so any additional insight into what I may be looking for is tremendously helpful.

    Thanks again for the help as I hope to try this today and see if I can find a crack in the actuators.
  6. gordym

    gordym LawnSite Member
    from midwest
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    OK, I've been playing with the steering actuators and here is what I found:

    I swapped the electrical signaling wires going from the left and right actuators and now it steers fine going forward but when I depress the reverse pedal I get no turning.
    This leads me to believe that the vacuum pressure is fine and the actuators are working properly............ unless I am totally fubar'd.

    There seems to be some internal confusion between the forward/reverse electrical signaling............

  7. gordym

    gordym LawnSite Member
    from midwest
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    After hours of farting around with the parts and swapping wires, checking voltages, checking vacuum lines..........
    I found a couple of REALLY tiny pinholes on the right actuator.
    I stuck my finger over a couple and "manually pushed the plunger and I was able
    to make it work going in the forward direction.

    I'm going to call one of the local JD Dealers and order one.

    I'll keep you posted............................
  8. Johnagain

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    I'm glad you found the problem. When I found the problem with the one side and looked at it closely I decided that I would replace both of them because they are the some age and I figured that the other one would start leaking air very soon. When I got is out I pulled on it and found lots of dry weather cracks in it so it wouldn't have been long until it broke also. When you get the part in at the dealer check it over carefully as one of the new parts I got was defective. The part came apart in my hands when I tried to install it. The two pieces that hold the rubber together weren't glued together very well and seperated.

    The routing of the vacuum lines on the actuator might be different on the new ones when you get them. All you do is install the line from the tee section on the mower to the inlet in the center of the actuator and then remove the filter from the old one that is at the very end of the plumbing and install that on the inlet that is on the outer edge of that actuator. Good luck!
  9. gordym

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    from midwest
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    I replaced the actuator and everything is working GREAT!!!!!!!!

    I love having steering again.
  10. Johnagain

    Johnagain LawnSite Senior Member
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    Glad you got it going again.

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