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John Deere Stander


LawnSite Senior Member
N. Woodstock, NH
Has anyone had any experience with the JD stander ?
I have been leaning toward the Wright,,,,but the pricing of the Deere
is making me think


LawnSite Bronze Member
Check out Lesco, they just started selling stander's. I'm not sure which brand, although they are yellow (at the moment)

zim bob the landscaper

LawnSite Bronze Member
Fitchburg, MA
check all of them wright and gravely just got a new one. and gravelys as of i heard awesome machines. then theres great dane and everide. but i think wright probably makes the best.


LawnSite Member
Minneapolis, MN
I believe that the gravely, everride, new super surfers, and my older model John Deere stander are all the same. Just different colors. That is from looking at them personally and from what a dealer told me. I don't really like my J/D very much. I think it is a good concept, but mine slips on hills and slightly wet grass too much. Some people like them though. I just would rather have a Hustler mini z. Just need to save up for it first.