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John Deere Sulky - Louisville, KY

Bob E

LawnSite Member
Louisville, KY
For sale John Deere sulky.

Will meet someone in Louisville, KY area (or a very short drive) for delivery of this.

I've never used it, and need teh space in teh garage.


Contact me via PM.

Bob E.

Louisville, KY



LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
LOL! you gotta give it a while (like a few days to a few weeks). There are not hundreds and hundreds of guys collamoring on here looking for stuff....especially at this time of day. Unless it's raining (like here right now), they are out doing it. Good luck with the sale, though...I'm sure you will find someone with interest. This can be used behind ANY wb....so it is a good item. When I had my JD wb's, I rode for miles and miles. I didn't have one this nice, though. I had the old school one. Another thing to consider,...is this thing can be used behind many aerators and such, too.