John Deere Taboo?


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I am curious, the town I live in has two different mower dealers. One is Walker, the other is John Deere. The next most significant dealer (in my opinion) is ExMark, which is 3 hours away from my front door. Here is my delima. The people who own the walker dealership are really great folks, but they also are a lawn care company (biggest in town). When my walker went down with a blown hydro this summer, I had to drive three hours to get it fixed because these folks where to overloaded with lawn care to work on it. This really bothered me. The John Deere dealer on the other hand, had a tractor of another lawn care company in town blow a side rod out the casing. They had this guy back on the lawns in 24 hours (wow!). I am currently looking at a JD 445 all wheel steer-is there anyone out there with an opinion about the performance of this tractor? I have ridden one and the thing turns on a dime. It will cut a circle only 6 inches in diameter, has a 22hp EFI liquid cooled Kawaski and a whole bunch of other goodies to numerous to mention, plus it is about $2,000.00 less than a comparable ExMark or $3,500 less than a 26HP Walker. How about some opinions? (Please be gentle?)


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Get the 455 it has a Yanmar Diesel. The 400 series are very nicely built TRACTORS. Lawn mowers they are not. They were designed to do multiple tasks, and any machine designed to do multiple tasks', usually lacks in one. I started out with a JD 318 50". Now looking back, I wonder where I'd be now if I would have went with a dedicated commercial mower. They are nice if you want to use a blade or blower, tiller, areator, loader, etc. If you are only mowing, there are better choices.



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I've been trying to get my hands on a JD ZTR M-series mower but none of the 4 JD dealers in reasonable distance have one or even think they'll see one until Jan. I don't think you can get better service, although there are many on this forum who think you can get a better machine. On paper, the JD M-series is not as beefy as the competition but I'd at least like to drive one before I buy--you can do a search and find some more comments on JD. Good luck, Will M.
PS: visited Carhenge a few years ago--pretty funny.


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My problem with JD locally is the charged
7.50 for a 5 inch bolt that i went to
lowes and picked up for 1.55.
Iwould be curious to know if that is a
local problem or everywhere.


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Alliance, NE
Thank you for the input so far. It is sometimes tough living in an isolated area-dealer access is limited. I would consider the JD ZTR, but it's collection system is (in my opinion) inferior to the walker. I really which the Exmark dealer was closer...Oh Well!

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I just talked to my local JD dealer today. I asked him why he doesn't carry the JD ZTR. He just laughed and said "No Thanks, when they start building them completely at JD, I might think about getting some in". I have never heard someone so negative about his own products.

I noticed you mentioned getting a 445. I have the 430 diesel, which the 455 replaced and it has a 60" deck. When I got my first Dixie Chopper, I cut my mowing time down to less than half the time it used to take. I had to get more accounts to make a full day. :) If you plan to use this machine for mowing, get a ZTR of some sort. The steering in a Tractor type mower is the first thing to get loose, can you imagine the steering in a 4 wheel steering, how loose it will get. Talk about crocked stripes, it will not be a pretty picture. If your going to use it for mostly mowing, from my experiance, get a dedicated mower.

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If Iwere you,I would get a ZTR,or a 3 wheeler.I have a 72" deck for my ford tractor ,its 32hp.I can mow my 7 acres faster with my 60" Dixie than on the tractor,and some of my passes are 1000ft long and the dixie is still a litle faster to finish.The dedicated mower will pay for itself in timed saved.