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John Deere tagged items ???

WE Chapps


What a name! Sounds real cool when you pronounce it.

W.E. would like to be able to offer John Deere branded products on a number of our accessories for both personal use and for use on their equipment. However, that is a decision that is not made by us. We have tried numerous times. It is a corporate decision. Maybe we could start a grass roots effort together. Let us know.



LawnSite Senior Member
North Jersey
Maybe we could start a grass roots effort together. Let us know.

I recently saw the Mechanics wear gloves at my JD dealer all nice and embossed withe the JD logo... Mybe you could only make them available through the JD dealers ??? I actually have to give you guys a call I need to order 2 new bags, one got torn and I got a new machine ... Just have to remember what model the old one was ?? Anyway... I guess you need to get a license from JD to do that ????

WE Chapps


Your right about the licensing. Using their logo is something that you just can't go out and start doing without their approval first.

Give us a call 1-800-816-CHAP(2427) and we can probably figure out what model bag you had that you need to replace. W.E. have Green with Yellow Trim bags available in our Jumbo and Deluxe Jumbo Bags if its for a Hydro Walk-Behind mower. All other styles and types of bags are offered in Green with Green Trim.