John deere telling me this is not kawasaki warrenty

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Eagleseye, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Eagleseye

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    Bought a new engine from the dealer to repower my 737, 23 hp kaw. About 3 weeks ago machine started losing power under load and dealer discover that it needed a new head. This was warranted by them, and got machince back. Now same problem seemed to be happening so I took into dealer to have them trouble shoot. They told me needs new coil, not cover under warranty. I installed new coil, which did inprove the engine performance a little, but still lose of power. Back into the dealer. Now they tell me that the key way is missing that holds the fly wheel in place for timing. Not covered under warranty.
    Should this be warranty?
    Would they need to remove fly wheel to do a head job on this engine?
  2. joe billy

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    Call Kawasaki directly.,sounds. like an end of the season fundraiser
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  3. Restrorob

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    Ding ding ding.....And we have a win-a......

    Failed coils within the warranty time period ARE covered, Flywheel key missing ? I'd call that warranty since a customer wouldn't go there on a new engine, Someone dropped the ball at the factory. The dealer would have to be dumb to remove the flywheel for a head replacement......

    What I suggest is you get ALL the numbers off this engine with purchase date, Have all your dealer info (name-number-charges to you) handy then call Kawasaki Customer Service @ 1-877-364-6404 and tell them your story. They will likely call this shister dealer and rip them a new a-hole, Then make them give your money back and fix it.

    I despise dealers that rip people off ! :realmad:

    BTW, I work for a Kawasaki Dealership/Warranty Station.....
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  4. pugs

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    My first question about all of it a Kawasaki engine or a John Deere engine? If its a John Deere spec engine Kawasaki is going to tell you to take a hike and contact Deere.
  5. dutch1

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    Ditto, Rob.

    I've seen a couple of dealers like this once upon a time--some will take every opportunity to take advantage of the unsuspecting. They're a blight on the industry.
  6. Restrorob

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    If that's the case call Deere @ 1-800-537-8233, The freak'n coil should still be a warranty issue on a 3 week old engine..... And no flywheel key ???
  7. Shawn S

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    Unless I am missing something, the post doesn't say how old the engine is. The head is 3 weeks old.
  8. Restrorob

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    Maybe your right Shawn.....

    A period is normal after a abbreviated word so I read right past it, Been a long day..... Regardless, If the engine is still under warranty period the coil should be too.....
  9. pugs

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    Im not a deere dealer so I dont know...but could it be a short or long block or something where the coil would not be warranty? I know Kawasaki doesnt offer options like this, but maybe through Deere they do????

    Also, if its a Deere spec engine, is Deere's warranty on a replacement engine the same as Kawasaki would be?

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