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John Deere trimmers

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We are having a discussion on Echo trimmers in another thread, and I am currently thinking about Deere trimmers.Who's got them and how do you like them?Quality issues etc.
(Looking at Deere because of Echo experiences myself)
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I have a JD that they gave me when I purchased my 48" walk behind (some promotion they were running to promote their 2 cycle stuff) and I also had a new 2601 Echo at the time. I liked the JD ok but the Echo was my favorite. I just bought a new 260 Echo earlier in the year to replace the 2601 and the JD is a better machine than it in my opinion. Echo sure messed up when they changed to the 260 if you ask me. Over all the JD is all right, just a matter of preference I guess. Main part I do not like is the head, its harder to spool than the Echo and also the oversized guard.
New heads for the Deere trimmers are out. They are easier to load. Also, the newer Deere trimmers have a smaller guard.
I run JD trimmers and they are awesome. Run forever - string advance never seems to bind up with dirt - plenty of power - start easy

Thanks, Brad
didn't know about the new improvements on the deere. Have to check them out again. I am thinking maybe a deere since they have improved or a Redmax for next year.
Who is JD trimmers even made by now? Are they Kawi's, now? I know they used to be Echo some years ago.
last I heard they bought out Homelite and made their changes to the plant and started producing their own. Might have changed now I dont know, someone else may know more about this.
Thanks for the replies.
just happened to be talking to the dealer today as we picked up a 36" walk behind and I asked him about the deere's.He told me he does not have enough of them out there yet to get enough feedback.(he is also big on Echo products)That's why I started this thread.Keep them coming and Thanks again.
Last ones I saw at Homedepot were exactly the same as Homelite.
They have a pro line that I was looking at.Don't think the depot carries them.
I have all XT140's for trimmers and love them. Deere trimmers are great. I use to run all redmax 2 cycle then switched to all Deere as I did with my mowers as well.
JD XT120 series here. and the 120 series in Edgers too. I think they are not as easy to re-fuel as some of the others...I also think re loading the spool is difficult as compared to the STHIL line but they have outlasted alot of STHIL's and start well. I'm going to be looking into getting those new heads I just read about first thing in the morning. Even though I don't get out and mow with my crews much, if it saves a little time I am all for it.

I run all JD equipment including the pro-line 2 cycles. Have XT120SE edger, XT140SB trimmer, BP50 backpack, and EH2659 hedger trimmer. JD doesn't put junk in the equipment and they all start by the 2nd pull. Very strong and balanced. If something were to happen to any of them, I'd buy the same thing to replace it tommorrow. You can't go wrong with Deere! (also, I have 4 Deere dealers in my area and the two I have dealt with have excellent customer service and do great shop work). You won't regret it.
I have a Trimmer and a Stickedger and they both work well. They both start easy and run excellent. "nothing runs like a deer" I am looking at an Echo for and backup. I also run a Deere blower and have no complains about it It starts on the first or second pull and man does it clean fast. :cool:
Thanks to all for your replies.
We are going to give them a try.
I don't know who makes their trimmers but I looked at one of the JD backpack blowers and it was identical to my Husqvarna except the housing was yellow instead of orange. I am not saying Husky makes it but rather that some independent company probably makes the blower for both.
Don't know what Husky's run, but my JD BP50 has the Kawasaki engine in it and I saw the Kawasaki brand blowers at LESCO the other day and the engine looks identical- actually the whole blower does except it is red.
That would explain it. Didn't know that - but now that I do, being a fan of JDand Kawasaki, whatmore could I ask?:cool:
Researched every brand a while back, went with John Deere on replacements on all my 2 cycle equipment. Had a little to do with dealer loyalty, my JD guy is also the Scag dealer.
Have the XT 170. Only problem was the original line head (old style), they already had new style replacement heads on hand, and replaced it before I left. Absolutely no problems in operation at all.
The versions found in retail outlets are not the commercial line.
My understanding is JD not only owns Homelite now, fortunately still sold as Homelite, but has also bought the Green Machine factory and is producing some 2 cycle there.
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