John Deere vs Dixie Chopper vs Exmark vs Scag vs Walker

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Doc, Jan 23, 2000.

  1. KevinV

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    I have 12 Exmark Lazers and 5 Walkers. Both are very dependable if maintained well. The Exmark is much quicker and easier to work on and ALOT less expensive. Problems I have encountered With each...Exmark spindle housings are not as good as others, but that would be about it. Walkers have some problem with the exhaust going bad. Keep in mind these machines run 8-10 hrs. per day 5-6 days a week. All said they are both very good. Exmark gets the final vote though.
  2. mwallingford

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    Doc, I have and Exmark Lazer Z and a Walker GHS 48" deck. I am very happy with both of them. I use the Walker for my residential accounts and the Exmark for the wide open spaces. In fact, I mow the athletic fields where I used to teach school. I can mow the football field (even beyond the goal posts) in a little over an hour with the Exmark. I mow the baseball infield with the Walker. I don't believe there is any mower on the market that gives the quality cut that the Walker gives. When you come off a customer's property, it is as clean as a whistle. Not only does it collect the clippings, it also picks up any small sticks, and even picks up if a dog has been through and make a stop. The Walker's stripping is excellent.
  3. DimndKutr

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    Doc...I have 2 20 HP Walkers, I have 2 48" GHS decks, 1 54" Side discharge, and a 62" Side discharge. I mow mostly residentials. The Walker leaves awesome stripes. I bought the Deflector that allows you to use the GHS deck and not catch the grass, it just throws it out the back of the mower. I think using the deflector distributes the clippings more evenly than using the Side discharge...especially if there are a few leaves in the yard. I only have one arm and that's the main reason I chose the Walker...It only takes two fingers to operate. I am going to put the speed up kit on 1 this season, because it is slow to transport from 1 side of a property to another. But, I hear once you add it you may have troubles with the belt slipping off. If you do a lot of Bed Edging the bed shaper is a must, edges 100ft a minute, $3000 though. The company I used to work for has 3 Walkers that are strictly used for bed edging...they send out 20 man crews to clean up after 1 edger...bout 3 drive 1 ton dumps back to shop to dump, 1 guy on Walker and 1 in a are cleaning up with wheel barrels. Well, anyway...Its a very versatile Machine, not just a mower.
  4. edward hedrick

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    I use a Scag Sthm and a Lesco 52 beltw T bar, the scag is great around trees,and going up hills you see the drive wheels, this makes it easier to control wheel spin. The scag cuts ok would like to try the new deck. On wet grass
    we run the engine about half speed to stop clumps. The lesco 52 is equiped with a Toro T bar drive. Works well in
    wet and will back up also changed engine from 17 kawi to
    14 kawi, mower was too heavy with 17 elec strt.
  5. edward hedrick

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    I have three wheel Scag It may not have ground speed of a mid mount but it trims easier around trees,also the drive
    wheels can be seen to stop wheel spin, also around big trees its easier to put the deck under the tree. I don't
    like the Kohler but no other choice. My walk behind isa
    52 Lesco beltdrive, which I adapted a TORO T bar. It goes in
    the rain and will go backward. It is less expensive than others. ED
  6. bam

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    One thing not mentioned is your intended application. We have a variety of commercial and home owner association sites, ranging from wide open fields, to very small front yards that require push mowing. Each trailer that leaves our shop has different brand mowers and different size decks for the type of mowing required.

    Two of the manufacturers that we use are scag and exmark.
    The scags are walk behind hydro models with velkes. They have Kohler or Kaw. engines and decks of 48", 61" or 72".

    Exmarks are the Lazer Z 60".

    Scag walk behinds are excellent for most applications. They'll mow flat areas, and can hold their ground mowing very hilly conditions. In the winter, a plow can be fabricated for the front end, if you deal with snow removal.
    Also, we run double blades in the fall to mulch leaves.
    We are phasing out the 72" because over time the decks "warp" and can provide an uneven cut. In the end it is more beneficial having all 61" instead of the 72", as the 61" handle better.

    Exmarks are fast and are great for wide open areas. They can handle slight inclines, but not hills. We also began using double blades on these machines in the fall with great results. We also fabricated a frame to house a Little Wonder blower on the rear end to aid in leaf removal in the fall. We also fabricated one machine with a spreader for turf applications.

    Thats my insight to mowers, based on their intended use.
  7. swing blade

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    I use jd. I like the way they run and operate. the biggest problem with jd is the price. depending on what you will use it for, get a mower with a large deck. This will save you time and effort to do what you can't get with a small deck.
  8. Kansas Turf Man

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    <B>Go with a Deere, Nothing runs like a Deere.</B> I go to schol at Kansas State University where the newest PGA Course wast just constructed. They run nothing gut John Deere. They are on top when it come to efficiency and Technology. I have ran a Deere all of my life. I have used everything form a Deere wrench all the way up to a 9410 tractor. There is no comparison in anyway.

    Happy Looking:)
  9. joshua

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    exmark gets my vote. the other companies have tried to sell in my area but aftera few guys got them they sold them and switched back to exmark. there cut is 2nd to none. i haven't had any problems with spindles. and i won't i believe they are built better. everyone watch out for ferris IS, it maybe the next best thing.
  10. edward hedrick

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    just returned from Ct. show looked at all equipment, best deal- left over TORO. The Ferris get a vote for the tractor,
    the excel for total package. The HusQ looks good price too
    high. For flat area the gravely was comfortable and had different controls. The Scag offers a 27hp turf tiger $8800
    The Toro $7k at A+ dealer may try for if I can sell STHM

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