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    I am looking at buying a new mower for the 2012 season. I have it narrowed down to either a John Deere or Hustler. I am looking to spend around $5,000. For that amount of money, I can get a lightly used few year old John Deere 727A or a lightly used John Deere Z830A, both with under 300 hours. Or I can buy a new Hustler Fastrak. The Hustler would have a warranty and the dealer is only about 5 miles from me. The nearest John Deere dealer is about 25 miles and I would have to drive that far for parts and/or repairs.

    Personally, I have always heard good things about John Deere even though I have never owned one. Which one do you guys think would be better? Or is there anything you think would be better than both?
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    They are both going to be good machines. Me personally I would go with a Hustler because I have a Hustler Whse less than 25 miles away so I can get parts overnight without paying overnight fees. Hustlers are good machines and with it being new you are getting 2 yrs if it is commercial use or 3 if it is for your personal residence in which you are not going to pay for any repairs unless you damaged because of lack of care. So I think that should weigh in the hustlers the dealer is closer which is not a huge difference in mileage...but when you experience down time....that extra 20 miles can be killer.

    Either machine will be a good machine...the question is do you want new or used?
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    Does the 830A have a 54" or a 60" deck? The 727A only has a 54" deck and a 23hp engine while the 830A has a 27 hp engine. You will like the controls of the 727A a lot better. I own two of the 727A's I think they are great little machines. Haven't had a problem with either. Have you test driven both of the 727 and 830? Maybe you should give them both a spin if you haven't.

    I have never used a Hustler (not common in my area) but I can tell you they they are pretty good as well from what I read on here. However, when it comes to cutting... I can bet that the John Deere will cut better in any condition though. Hard to beat the 7 Iron deck.

    It's up to you. Dealer support is important too. If you are torn on deciding on what mower, I would definitely consider which dealer will give you the best service/support now and in the future.
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    i would stay away from the z830 just to be safe. deere had some hydro issues with that series of mowers. the 727 or fastrak should be good.

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    The 830A has a 54" deck. I have not met with the people at the JD dealership but I have met and talked to the dealers at the Hustler dealer. They are pretty good people and I believe they would offer a lot of support as needed. I will be using these for my lawn care business and down time has to be kept to a minimum.
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    All hydro issues should of been taken care of with that lineup. There is nothing wrong with them as far as reliability. They were drawing a lot of power from the engines but a 27hp is plenty enough for a 54" deck. I use an 820A at work which is 25hp 54" deck and it had a mulch kit on it and it did fine in normal conditions. I took the mulch kit off because I hated it.
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    The hydro issues were primarly noise complaint related.
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    With the Z800 series, most of the problems were reported on the 2008 (first year models). The "major" problem was with the hydraulic system, users complained of more "jerky" movements with the controls, kind of like a skid steer. John Deere did come out with an update kit that first year, which was a dealer installed item. The 2009 models came from the factory with the update kit already installed. But due to gearing in the hydraulics, they seemed to draw more power from the mower, making some lower powered models seem underpowered.

    One more issue was a weight distribution problem, the front was a heavy, which did create some issues on hills, but again part of the update was a weight kit to counter the front end weight and put more weight on the rear.

    The 800's got a bad rep early on due to the problems users experienced. Not everybody experienced the problems, in fact many people had great experiences with the 800's. I know a guy who bought 2 Z830's with bagging systems and has had a very positive experience with them...still owns them to this day.

    The 700 series mowers were a pretty popular series. They had a very good reputation. I don't know too much more about them though.

    I would not hesitate to buy a Deere.

    I travel about 40 minutes or so to my John Deere dealer, there are other dealers (different brands) that are closer but my Deere dealer is way better. I can get parts overnight for most things anything else is 2 days.

    So make sure that whatever dealer you choose to buy from, they will treat you very well.

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