John Deere vs. Hustler

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by allstar, Sep 22, 2003.

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    I currently own 2 JD mowers:a small LT 150 and a medium-sized GX 325.I need at least one large lawn tractor for a couple of reasons.The main reason is to use on larger properties.I love my JD's and they're great for small,tight yards but too time-consuming for the larger ones.I also want to get into the leaf removal business and the Hustler Super-Z with 9 bushel catcher would be great for that purpose.In the spring and summer months I could use it for mowing IF,of course,I can get the necessary funds to purchase it.
    When I got into this business I just assumed that John Deere "was the man" when it comes to lawn tractors.I've since found out that the competition has done alot of catching up in in recent years.
    What is the general consensus among LCO's about JD lawn mowers and tractors?Is JD still the "gold standard" ?Has the competion caught up with(or even passed)them?Finally,what do you guys think of the Hustler I'm interested in?What would be some comparable machines to check out?Thanks. Jim
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    The Hustler is a great piece of equipment. However, how are you handling the leaves after they are collected in the catcher? Seems to me that the dump from the seat feature is great if you are dumping somewhere on site or have a leaf loader, but if you have to otherwise haul them off, you would be better off with some kind of smaller catcher or bagging system that you can empty in to a truck or trailer manually.
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    I definitely plan to purchase a debris loader so I was thinking about just dumping them on the ground by my trailer until I get finished.Thanks for replying. Jim

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