John Deere WG48A


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I have a 2014 John Deere WG48A with the Peerless H700-079 transmission. I bought this mower used when it had 127 hours on it. It now only has 130 hours and there is fluid leaking out of transmission on each side of the axle shafts. I know these things have grease in them, not fluid. It smells like hydraulic fluid.

After about 20 minutes of it running, the transmission will randomly slip, almost fills like it surges. I guessing it will need a new transmission ?


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Should have "bentonite grease" in it. Not oil.
Nothing to "slip" in the trans. Just sliding keys and dogs.
Check the input drive belt and idler if it has one.

I've had good luck with the aftermarket trans. from fleabay and others. Way cheaper.


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Start by checking condition of belts. Look over condition of sheaves also. Might try doing a search on this webpage about peerless transmission as I remember a discussion about lubrication. I don’t see how leaking lubrication would make the mower jerk. Check mechanicals first, then replace shaft seals and fill with correct lubricant.


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Oil maybe getting on the belt or pulley, make sure all is clean. Before you buy a new tranny, open this one up clean it of the oil and get new grease in there. They could of put oil in.