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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by shortgrass01, Jul 23, 2013.

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    I'm fixing to upgrade my ride on mower. I have used an la100 for 7 years now, yup SEVEN. It still has at least a couple more years left on it but the deck is now finally done when it comes to mowing grades more than 15° I'm have clients that there yards demand a certain finish even though they are on a 20° grade or more in some places. How they talked these people into buying these homes is beyond me. But up until just recently I hooked my scalping wheels and it pulled off. I could weld it back on, but I know I'm over 500 hours on my la100 and I looking at an X300

    I have read many post on D130 vs. x300. But none of them cover a couple points. Fuel usage, Weight, and how fixable it is for a journeyman. I know where everything is on my la100 and I can fix anything on it except an engine rebuild. This saves me big time when you can do it yourself, when your a solo like me.

    Is that deck and spindles going last longer than the D130? I have replaced my spindles on la100 once since I have owned it; the deck- I have had to weld it once but nothing major. so, I figure Id post this before I bought one. the x300 come with a 38,42,48 and I can only have a 42 because of gates. but the 42 doesn thave 4 wheels on the deck =-( only 48 and larger.
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    X300 is a very good machine. But if mowing on the inclines you are talking about I would look at an X320. Larger transmission and larger rear tires. K46 trans verse K58 in X320 and a X320 can also run a 42" deck and still cut its tire tracks out. Dealers will tell you it only comes with a 48 deck but I have sold them with 42's. Also 42 decks only have front anti scalping wheels.
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    yeah, I cant go x320 the price jumps from what I remember and I can barely justify the x300. I will dump these customers with a grade before I will spend 4k+ on a mower. I cherry pick over any yards over an acre, they dont want to pay anything and there too many hidden problems mowing over an acre.
    Ha beside there too many of these guys with these heavy Zrt. They can have it, I like mowing lush green pretty lawns.:waving:

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