John Deere X595(?) how does it rate??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by redwoodkiwi, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. redwoodkiwi

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    My husband & I have our own commercial mowing business (on the other side of the world - New Zealand).
    We run 2 X595 JD 4x4 mowers over a range of contracts - not sure whether you call the model X595 in the States?
    I'm interested to know what you think about these mowers & what applications that they can be used for? One of them we have with the loader attachment & the other has a catcher system.
    Our ultimate machine is the JD1645 - but in order to purchase something like this we would like to pickup many more accounts. What do you guys think about this machine?
    Majority of our work we mulch - we try not to pick up if we can help it. Sometimes we do a double pass to spread any clumps & to leave the place looking great. What are your thoughts here.
    Appreciate any feedback - I'm enjoying the forum & believe me, you guys are teaching us Kiwis some new tricks!!!!
  2. Toad

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    Are those diesel mowers your using? Cant go wrong with JD, my first mower was a JD 325, great mower used it for years. I think the mower your using is 4x4 right. What is the terrain like where you are do you need 4x4 is it flat, hilly,mudy. If you could you should try a Z-turn deere just to see the time savings, and production increase. We used deere tractors for some time 325 to 455, all worked well, and were reliable machines. you cant beat a good z-turn. Dave
  3. Mickhippy

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    For me they rate about 8 out of 10. If it had a 3pt hitch for a little slasher on the back would of been a 10.
    I had an X595 a few years ago and thought it an excellent machine. In fact I wish I never sold it sometimes. I did a lot of steep mowing, semi slashing to normal regular lawns.

    I had a water pump go out on me and the ram for the power steering also had to be repaired.

    They are the Rolls Royce of tractor type mowers and practically unstoppable.

    Just keep the maintenance up to them and check the screens regularly for air flow.

  4. Flex-Deck

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    Here is my X595 - 1800 hrs. going into the 4th season with it. It is mowing 9foot 10 inch swath. I ask a lot out of it as the 24hp diesel is turning 4 blades that mow a 6 1/2 foot swath, plus pushing the extra motor deck around that is attached with ball hitches so it follows terrain completely independent of the tractor, and has an 18hp kohler. For the above heavy duty requirements, I added an extra radiator on a bracket along the left side of the hood. (I run 2 radiators, and the screens are super fit, so dandilion seeds do not get to the core. I only have to clean the screens about every 100 hrs.

    New Wide Deck-Front View 3.jpg
  5. redwoodkiwi

    redwoodkiwi LawnSite Member
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    Yeah fantastic machines for mowing very steep areas. My husband gives me the shits when I see him in some situations but he knows it's limits. Always drives up & backs down. I will have to send some photos thru.
    Both mowers diesel - we do a range of terrain. We have an awesome contract in the Redwood Forest here & mow up the sides of a track about 3kms long. At the top we can have a view across the whole city & it is spectacular - makes me happy to be alive!!!! Some general lifestyle lawns & a couple of country schools. We need to be busier however & I am going to set up a marketing plan soon.
    After seeing a video on You tube today my hubby realised that he can fit the loader on the mower that has the enclosed cab - so he spent half the day playing with that.
    One of our competitors has a Jacobson mower with 3 decks on it. Have any of you heard of these & what are they like?
  6. ozark

    ozark LawnSite Member
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    The X595's are definitely the Cadillacs of mowers in my opinion. In our small town of about 5000 residents we have 6 mowing contractors. Total i would say there are 9 595's running around with one simplicity and two cub cadets. We live in a hilly area and they definitely come in handy with the four wheel drive. The next new jd animal is the all wheel steer four wheel drive! I cant wait to try one of these out.:weightlifter:
  7. POPO4995

    POPO4995 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have a X720, not diesel or 4x4 but along the same lines. These large garden tractors definetaly have their place in the mowing industry. No doubt about it!:usflag:Go Deere!
  8. unit40

    unit40 LawnSite Member
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    I have a 4x4 JD1445 with a 72" deck and the older style Peco collection system. Great machine. But my pet is my diesel, AWS Deere x744. I have the 62" deck, the powerflow bagger with the big hopper, a rear PTO and three point hitch. I can't figure out why these machines aren't seen more often. They are built like tanks for the commercial industry, they handle smoother and better in some respects than a zero-turn, plus you can run spreaders, brooms, leaf blowers, and small loaders or JohnnyBuckets on them for moving around site debris. Slap a snowblower on the front or rear, add a cab with heat, and you've got a true year round machine. Very versatle machines.
  9. puppypaws

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    Jacobson and Toro have the golf course turf market taken in the US, they are considered the best in the business.
  10. LindblomRJ

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    Spend many an hour running Jacobsen equipment at a resort years ago. Its good equipment. The golf course adjoining the resort uses both Jacobsen and Toro.

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