John Deere XT140


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I use a XT140SB. Powerful, smooth, easy to start, reliable. I like it alot!


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I now run all JD 2-cycle. I love them all!!!
I run the XT170 trimmer but also run the XT140SE which is the edging version of the trimmer that you asked about. The edger has plenty of power so I think that you will find that the trimmer will too.
If I have any dislikes about the 170 and 140 it would be that these seem to be very cold natured in that if I set one down for more than 10-15 minutes, after restarting I have to let it warm-up again before diving right back into use.
To sum it up, I would buy another in a heartbeat.
Great equiptment!!!!


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Central Florida
I have all Johndeere equipment. My trimmer is very cold natured takes a good min to tach up.
330.00 I paid two seasons ago and it sounds like the clutch is giving up. So I tried a Stihl FS85 Starts fast and ready to work now not in a min.260.00 it cost me. Less money and more machine works for me


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Toronto, Canada
I just bought a T105S Low emissions John Deere trimmer. The thing would not start in semi-cold weather. Myself and the dealer's mechanic had a heck of a time starting it. 20-30 pulls and still nothing happened. Once it was warm, it was o.k. but I was very disappointed in it. I returned it and the dealer gave me a new one and still the same problem happened so I finally got a refund. I think the unit is pretty good and has potential but the starting problem left me disappointed.


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energy said:
Anyone used this trimmer? How does it compare to others in the same cc level? Any pros and cons are appreciated.
Also, who manufactures the engine/whole unit of this machine? :usflag:


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joplin, mo
I have a 4-5 year old xt140 with a bad carb and choke.
I dropped it off my truck and broke both - not a component failure.
The carb must be replaced, not repaired, and is $135 w/o labor.

Any idea where to find a used carb, or where to look for a better price than my JD dealer?




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The john Deere XT series are made by mitsubishi

They are now harder to start because of the emissions regulations, make sure you have fresh gas and follow the start procedure:
There is a start position on the on/off swtich, it keeps the throttle open at about 25% untill you touch lever again.
I think the complete procedure is explained in the operator's manual

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