John Deere Z-Trak 737 mulch question

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dw1973, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I have to clean the underside of my 54 inch cutting deck every other cut due to buildup of grass clippings sticking. This has been a problem since adding the mulch kit. I cut when the grass is dry. I did not have this buildup problem before the mulch kit was added. Does anyone have a recommendation to reduce or eliminate buildup?


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    Take the mulch kit off and put the MEG MO system on, The meg mo blades will do a better job than what you will get with the mulch kit. I have not cleaned the deck on a JD 72" deck since we invented the MEG MO blades using that mower. The knives will stay sharp 8 to 10 times longer and out wear 3 or 4 sets of OEM blades. We are in the custom mowing and use to catch all clipping to make the lawns look good. We have not used a catcher in the last 10 yrs. but to pick the last 10 to 15 gal of leaves weather the lawn is a 1000 or 20000 sg. ft.
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    Ditto. I use a 727-A 54" on my two-acre lawn as well as our one-acre office lawn. My JD is side discharge, and I keep the chute tied up with a small rope so I can evenly discharge the clippings.

    Mulching mowers have three prob's: 1) mowing when the grass is wet, 2) mowing when the grass is tall, 3) they often leave lines of clippings that smother the grass.

    Mulching mowers seem like a great idea, but..........

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