John Deere Z-Trak Kanzaki Pump

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimQ, Jul 17, 2007.

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    I would be glad to give you the info for getting Knazaki parts and pumps. 12 hrs to replace pumps is outrageous. I understand all machines break down but come on, 6 machines at least 1 pump each, plus his loaners.:rolleyes: Why do people tell lies, i don't know? I have a right to my opinion.
  2. DLCS

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    I have owned and ran both pump setups.
  3. JimQ

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    Deere does do there homework and they do make a fine product. But, DeereHauler, you've got it, every piece of equipment has room for improvment.

    The root of these issues might have nothing to do with Deere's design and everything to do with Kanzaki quality.

    I apreciate all the comments. Keep em comin.

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    Q check your pm's
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    I am taking delivery of a 777 on thursday. I demoed one for a while along with a 757 and was pleased with the performance of the kanzaki pump. I also did alot of research here on the site on the machines and pretty much found that they dont seem to have alot of negative feedback. Do a search on John Deere 777 and read some of the posts you will be pleased at what you read. I was impressed. Seems like there is always negatives about each machine so you have decide what you want to deal with and what you dont. I put faith in Deere on the hydro system. They have been in business a very long time utilizing hydraulic systems. I am part of a farm family and we also have some of the construction equipment and havent had hydraulic related issues that are alarmingly high relative to other brands. I believe the dual unitized pump system will work fine.
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    Here's some info from research I've done. I own a 2002 757 with over 1400 hours on it, with the dual pump setup and have had no problems. When looking into getting a new one, i was surprised to see the unitized pump, as it was previously only used on the small ztraks to save space.

    Some interesting facts.
    Replacement unitized pump - list $650
    Replacement single pump - $430

    This tell's me the older units had $800 of pumps on them, while the new units have $650 in pumps. Id rather shell out the extra $150 to have a dual pump machine.

    Now all I can do is gripe about the $1800 in pumps on my HD75
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    I to understand that every company as issues. But that many pumps in that little of time including the loaners......................C-Mon. And the part stating that the hydro tank is so hot almost melting................hogwash. We run ours hard (Z-Traks). Have you every ran for hours on end in cemeterys turning in and out of head stones Yah they do get hot Damn hot but never enough to melt the plastic man. As well as steep hills for hours on end? We do on a weekly basis and have had ZERO probs with the pump/hydro systems at all. I no that they are not bullet proof, but I dont think that they are having probs to that kind of degree as is stated in this thread.
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    Did you guys not know it is a SIN too speak poorly of Deere's pump setup?
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    I wondered how long it would take the Lawnsite engineer to post. bah bah
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    i was thinking the same thing.even he is sitting there thinking how can that many go bad.

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