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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GCS LawnService, Apr 20, 2002.

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    I have been shopping around on rainy days for a new mower and I was wondering if anyone has purchased a new John Deere 757. The 25 hp Kawasaki engine seems to be more balanced than the 25 hp Kohler on my M665. The new series JD's also seem to be more operator friendly with the new features, better locations for the controls and re-designed hydro fluid tank.
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    cant speak to your question,but ive seen the new deere midmounts and have wondered if the price is in line with
    the other midmounts.deere makes good equipment ,but i quitum back in the 90s . went to pick up a 3 inch bolt w nut and they charged 7.50 for it.this is not to start a fuss ,deere has there buisiness methods and they must be working . i just wondered if they are charging a green premium for their midmounts.
    i apologise if ive stepped on your post a bit. i just wondered about them.
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    When i bought my M653 about 2 months ago the dealer had just gotten in a 757 Midmount and i looked at it and demoed it and it is a good machine. I wanted the older modle though cause i could get it cheaper. The price was around 8 i think. maybe a little higher. But as far as cut goes i love the cut of a JD. My freinds JD 1445 Outfront stripes better than anymower he has and will mow at 12 miles an hour flawless. Anyway good luck.

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