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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Shimmy, Jul 5, 2014.

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    I'm looking at purchasing a Deere Z900 mower. Can someone tell me what the major differences are between the current M series and the previous A series?

    I'm looking at a Z930A vs. Z930M. I've seen several of the older Z930A's with the comfort and convenience package. Having the hydraulic lift on the deck isn't a huge deal for me, but I know it would make it much easier for my wife or daughter to operate. How reliable are the power lift units or should I stay away? I know the current model M doesn't offer the comfort and convenience package so that is part of the deciding factor as well.

    I demo'd a current Z930M and loved it. I do have one question though. I liked the cut of the 7 iron 60" deck but that deck seemed to be very noisy; jet engine noisy. Is this due to the flow the deck makes; I've demo'd other commercial zero turns and didn't notice the noise.


  2. T Scapes

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    we have 2 930R's with the power lift both are over 200hrs i know that(not sure exactly) we havent had 1 problem with it We also have 2 M series which we love as well
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    7 Iron Pro deck is amazing yes it creates huge flow and makes one of the best cuts never misses a blade of grass.

    comfort and convenience package can be added on to M series, seat is fine as is with me very padded, I did not want hydro lift with mine.
  4. Nwatson99

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    Z930A is a great and out standing machine, just traded mine in for a Z960R
    I personally would look at the R series, the deck lift and everything is right there for you to make all adjustments plus no foot pedal other than the e-brake / park brake, plus the lumbar / adjustable seat is so much better than the deluxe seat with the suspension system.
    The jet engine sound is the vacuum and air flow of the deck, but like ST pointed out above the 7 Iron Pro decks are amazing, they don't miss grass, you set it up correctly you do not need a striping kit, they are rock solid, and best I have used or cut with.
    The two points that set JD apart from others with their decks are:
    1. One piece stamped design with structural enforcements placed at the bottom of the deck where the abuse happens.
    2. Deck is hung from structural carabiners.

    Now you will have some saying the myth that welded decks are stronger and chain hung is the best, but just remember you weld three pieces together instead of one solid stamped piece is it not stronger trust me, then when is the last time you or anyone else ever parachuted or repelled down a structure and used you structural chain for connection points to anything.
  5. Ridin' Green

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    The line in bold is highly subjective, and a matter of personal opinion.

    I know far more guys who like the std thickly padded seat with the suspension insert kit, than those who like the new hard suspension seat. I couldn't get the back angle adjusted to fit me comfortably, and several other guys have said the same thing about them this year alone on this site.

    The "jet" sound is not the suction/vacuum of the deck. It is the blades used. They are roll formed sail blades, and high lift. I cut with G6's just this week and they are a lot quieter (So are Meg-Mo's. So are OEM wavy mulchers). Then today, I went back to the OEM high lifts. Lot noisier, but better cut and discharge, so worth it IMO/IME.

    As far as the C&C package.... no thanks. I prefer the foot lift 10-1. It is a lot better for feathering the deck over roots, humps, etc. I also prefer the foot brake by a mile over the hand brakes they are putting on the B and M series.

    I think the A models are much nicer looking, and the A models are better built too. That's not my opinion because I own one, it's just the facts. Take a look at the rear facia/grill and rear frame side panels on both the M/R and then the A. the A is bolted together much better, with heavier metal that curves up and around and attaches to the ROPS which the two newer models do not do, and is a stronger design.
  6. Nwatson99

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    I disagree with you on the seats my new suspension seat was fine and adjusted perfectly for me.
    I have had both seat systems and I just went from the deluxe seat with the suspension kit to the new lumbar seat and the new lumbar seat rides better and supports better as well.
    I also disagree with the C&C package the two buttons alone on the controller could save you from a near miss driving over something that could damage your machine.

    However I agree with you in regards to the A model is a nicer looking machine and the rops is much better on the A model than the B,M, or R and I am highly disappointed with the rops on my R model.
  7. Ridin' Green

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    Like I said, it's highly subjective. I've been on both and I can't stand the new suspension seat for comfort. It didn't feel near as good to me as far as smoothing out the bumps. Many other guys here have posted almost the exact same comments, so I know i'm not alone in that feeling. The C&C? Nope. I used it for a few weeks. It is fine for a HO, but not at all what is needed for a commercial cutter. There's no feathering with it. It's up or down. That's no good for 95% of what I, or most other commercial cutters do. It is easy though, I'll give it that. I could care less about the kill switch. I never shut my mower off at high revs. That is a lot of extra wear and tear on the PTO clutch/brake that I don't need or do. I know my properties, and what is where. I walk any before cutting if there's been a party or something in between cuts.

    If someone else likes the C&C, I have no problem with that. It's just not what many of us want or need.:)
  8. T Scapes

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    ive been a big C&C fan ive gotten pretty good with feathering the deck, not as easy as a foot petal but i can do pretty close.

    My biggest complaint with the foot petal is my legs when the petal is all the way out my knee usually hits the control arm. It did on my scag, i havent used my M series to cut only the R. Ill have to try an M series this week and see if i have the same problem like you said all personal preference

    I give my foreman an R series to run and the second mower guy uses an M series little incentive for the foreman
  9. Ridin' Green

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    Nothing wrong with the foreman getting a little incentive IMO, especially if he's a good worker that you can trust.:)
  10. rungreen

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    I got a new z930r this year. I don't really like suspension seat, its not bad but I don't think its any better. I don't like the c and c, I liked deck foot lift hundred times better. Overall really like the mower just not the deck lift.

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