John Deere Z925 vs. Hustler Super Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rcslawncare, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. rcslawncare

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    I had a chance to get onto a Super Z and figured I would post what I found. I would of been more interested in the Super Z at the time I purchased my JD, but dealer support was key. The Hustler was a 60" XR7 with a 31 Kawasaki. The John Deere is a 60" 7 Iron and a 27 Kawasaki. For the Hustler's highs,the hydro's are super responsive, good stance, smooth ride and seemed to stripe well. Other nice features are flex forks, hydro oil cooler, and Michigan type suspension seat. The downs of the Super Z are with the flex forks, scalped more than I would expect, no real fuel gauge, and the after cut left stragglers at medium speed. For the John Deere, the mower is stable, steering is very precise and smooth. It also requires less stick movement to turn than the Hustler. The ergonomics of the JD is far more superior than the Hustler. The placement of the controls and deck height adjustment system is much better on the JD. The lows for the Deere are it is much slower in a drag race, and it sits much higher than the Hustler. I feel completely stable on the Deere on hills, so that is not such a big deal, but for others, you will notice it. The Deere cuts better, but the Hustler stripes better. Both units had suspension seats and no stripe kits. The Hustler has its place, but for my accounts and comfort, I would have to choose the Deere if I had to choose one. I will post pictures of the two side by side here soon.
  2. MJB

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    John Deer wins that one hands down, no contest.
  3. rcslawncare

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    That is what I found also. It was a good test and comparison, always fun to run different things, but cut quality is key and my Deere dealer is 10 minutes away. Next season, the Deere will get some goodies to make it the ultimate tool.
  4. DCT

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    I'm on the fence between new Hustler X-one or Super Z and Deere Z925. The Deere I demoed seemed to have a lack of power going up a hill. Seems like others are only seeing this is a bagger is on it. I should be demoing an x-one in a week, then I'll decide. I've always run green, but the local dealer for Hustler has been great to work with.
  5. rcslawncare

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    I see the goods of both, but I was looking at an overall machine to run day in and day out, the Deere is where it is at. But, I too want to get onto the new Hustler model just to see. It looks like the same configuration, so Im sure id be more at home on the Deere.
  6. MJB

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    If you think the Deer lacks power going up hill then you can eliminate the Super Z from your list based on the same problem. They suck on hills, and will leave you stranded half way up.

    The X one might be different but I have my doubts.
  7. demhustler

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    whatever suits you, its all - personal preferences: to me, see-through SZ tanks (where you can see from the distance how much fuel you have) - best feature since sliced bread; to you - it's "downside - no real fuel gage"
  8. kilgoja

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    yeah i like the hustlers because they have the sight line in the gas tanks...that is the best guage there is because it never tears up...i never let it go all the way empty before i refill it anyways....but with that aside...the jd 7 iron deck possibly has the best cut of any deck ever made...and you have the new super z and x one coming out with the new deck design so it remains to be seen how well they will cut...if you were gonna purchase i would wait and see how the new hustler deck cuts and such before you make a final decision
  9. JohnBanks

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    Hustler with a 31 has just as much power up a hill as a 27 hp John Deere.

    Deere's deck are great though! Hustler's deck will drive you crazy from time to time, but it is so small and light I use it for all my small yards now that my Deere's would tear up. I tried to by a 7-iron deck and was going to mount it on my super--lol
  10. rcslawncare

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    Just realized the pics never made it up here and it was interesting to see side by side. I can only find one, but will look tonight for the rest...


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