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John Deere ZTR questions


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i am looking to purchase a ztr before next season, John Deere wb's are very popular here. so i was wondering about the ztr they have. has anyone used, or does anyone have one? how is the speed, the cut, the reliability, the cost as compared to other ztr's? any info will be helpfull.

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I have JD F620 front deck ZTR. I think it is a great machine. My JD dealer also sells Dixie Choppers (as they are made just down the road in Coatesville, IN) and they agree that the JD is a better machine. I talked to him about the mid deck ZTR and John Deere is having them made by another firm for the first couple of years to see how well they do. Then JD will begin making them in house. The F620, now the F680 is a great machine, decent speed (its a ZTR) and climbs hills well. Low CG, easy to maintain and I love it. But, I am a John Deere fan anyway so I have a little green blood in me.

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I would be willing to bet that a JD dealer would make more money off of a John Deere sale than if they sold a Dixie Chopper. If feel this is the reason they say a John Deere is better. I have both and I can't see that they even come close in comparison. I can mow a lot more grass with the Dixie Choppers and do a better job of it. My John Deere was in the shop more the first year than my oldest Chopper has been to the shop in the past 6 years. Next month my oldest Chopper will be 6 years old and have around 3,200 hours on it with very little repair work done on it. If John Deere would have had Dixie Chopper make their ZTR's and painted them green, they would say they are the best too. :)


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Funny you mention that Kees makes John Deere ZTR's. I was talking to a Rep. from Husquavarna the other day and he said that Husquarvarna commercial equipment is being made in the Kees plant in Nebraska. The Kees brand name will eventually dissapear. He said that Husquarvarna has taken the Kees brand and improved on it and now it is Husquarvarna. I'm just telling it like it was told to me.


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Kees makes the mower...JD makes the 7 iron deck.
Keyes makes a good deck...save a bunch of money...buy the kees.

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Sorry to upset you about your DCs. We all have our favorite brand and favorite dealer. I prefer John Deere. You prefer DC. We all interject our opinion in these threads so take it with a grain of salt. I have had zero trouble with my Deere. For cemetery mowing, the front deck is an asset. I must admit the only other two ZTR's I have used are Bunton and a Woods. I did not like either of them. Personal preference. I have the material collection system for mine and it works great for leaves. I do not pick up any grass.

BUT, thanks to you, I do run double blades, factory on top, Gators on the bottom. The factory HI LIFT blades are still lower out on the end so I did not have to adjust deck height. Thanks for that little tip. Have a good day.

I have 250 hours on my machine. I mow two residential lots, one residential 'estate', and three cemeteries (plus my own yard). My JD is two weeks shy of 1 year old. Motor is 20HP Kohler, horizontal shaft, very low center of gravity. It will climb a hill that the Bunton wants to tip over going up. Let me know if you have any more questions, I will be happy to help.