John Deere Ztrack


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Hey guys, don't keep it private. I saw an outfront JD ZTR at the dealers the other day, and was impressed at easy and accessible it looked to service. Do they cut well, run well, stay in good repair?
I've got the 620 with the 60inch 7 iron deck<br>and the bagger and it works great. the only problem i see is in wet tall grass it bogs down a little, but my dealer said that have a fix something to the carb and that will get it some more power.I picked it up may 1st and have about 145 hours on it.


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great mower 02 F-680 60" 7-iron deck MCS system off now, first 20hp Kohler blew at 750hrs repowered. I used the MCS for 3 years, until the plastic blower housing wore through, now I just use it for wide areas, it sits in my shop until it's needed. Nothing beats the ride & manicured look of a front mower, the 60" 7-Iron 5.75 baffle is the best deck IMO out their our 7-iron decks underside is rust free, cheat though Fluid Film. I have bought and sold many commercial ZTRS, The John Deere F-680 seems to always avoid the axe, it's a workhorse reliable, never a problem with the mower, just wore the MCS out.


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I got My New JD Ztrak 820A 60" I love it Heres some pics that were requested and Im definatley lovin the snow in the backround ;) Have yet to actually mow with it.






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