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John Deere Ztrack


LawnSite Senior Member
I picked up my first commercial rig today. Its a JD 717a and I absolutely love it. Cuts like a dream, speedy enough for my use, and that 7IronII deck is rugged as hell. To put it into perspective, since I'm driving a zero turn for the first time in 10 years, i clipped my back yard gate by a quarter inch, and it ripped that sucker clean off the 4x4, deck didn't budge a bit.

Picked it up brand new for 6k, 3 year financing at 0% interest. Guess that is a pretty good price.


LawnSite Member
Have yet to cut grass with it... but its a 25hp Kawasaki 60" 7ironII I payed $8995 The dealer talked me out of the mulch on demand I have no idea why but he said its not worth it plus mulch on demand 60" is only available on the next model up. Only 54" is available on the 820A. The Service Access is incredible everything is so easy to get to especially the Engine oil filter and the starter. Extremly easy to ajust the mowerdeck just push on the foot pedal and turn the dial. 12mph Travel speed. Ive had it for two days and believe it will be hard to keep clean that Damn GREEN PAINT. The vaccum of the deck is outrageous. Self Diagnostics is a plus. And i believe that Bump theory is definately true cause that deck doesnt even budge with me standing on it. But I love it So far I just hope this snow goes gone soon cause I dont do any snow removal except my own driveway :hammerhead:


LawnSite Member
I Have A 2005 737 With Over 400hrs On It And It Is The Best Mower I Have Ever Owned. The 7-iron Deck Design Gives The Best Looking Cut I Have Seen. For Example: You Can Cut A Lawn From Outside In And Windrow The Clippings And Then Back Over Them While Cutting And They Will All But Disappear. It Does This So Well I Do Not Even Use My Mulch Kit Anymore During Fall Clean-ups.