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Kawasaki fx730v. Replaced one cylinder head with new one. 1300 hrs on machine. Cylinder head replaced becaise valve guide on exhaust side had moved causing push rod to bend.
OK thanks. Kawasaki heads are prone to Valve Guide Migration when they are overheated. Meaning the valve guide moves upward in the head (as you've previously discovered). I'm not seeing excessive wear on your rocker arms (for the hours).

Look for any evidence of the Valve Guides having moved. If nothing out of order there I would revisit the valve lash.

Getting the Valve Lash set correctly on rocker arms that use the Bolt and Eccentric Sleeve is just plain tricky. It is difficult to keep the rocker arm from moving as you tighten the nut.

And of course, if the nut is not tightened enough...then the rocker arm will loosen with use. I think I would simply reset the Valve Lash (.004-.006") for both intake and exhaust and try the engine again.
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