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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnman_scott, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. lawnman_scott

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    Who has a John Deere and why? I have looked at them, but wasnt impressed, and seemed overpriced, also just one dealer and its too far from here. I noticed alot of people up north have them, is it because they make plows or snowblowers for them? not much use for those here in FL.
  2. JOshua Gallerick

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    I have two 455 jd. I like them for the versatlity of the attachments. I can push snow or dirt, throw snow, till the ground, and mow. And with a hydo jack it lifts itself at the end of the day for deck cleanings.
    There not as fast as ztrs but they can mow on about any slope. But when it comes to mowing I would ride on my dixie any day.
  3. lee b

    lee b LawnSite Fanatic
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    I have a JD 335 tractor and a JD M665 ztr. The tractor is great for slopes and pulling numerous attachments, it is also a great back-up mower and I use it to mow places too wet or rough for the ztr. The M665 ztr is a great mower, in side-by-side demo the M665 basically outmowed a Lazer equipped with the same size deck and engine. It'll handle tall wet grass much better, had a much better standard seat, cost about a $1000.00 less, and dealer is 65 miles closer. I don't think John Deere is any higher priced than any other equipment of the same quality, and the dealer service is absolutely unbeatable. I've never had anything green disappoint me yet.
  4. Dan Stoms

    Dan Stoms LawnSite Member
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    lee , did you end up getting one? How long have you used it? Anything you would change?
  5. lee b

    lee b LawnSite Fanatic
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    Dan, I finally bought one the first part of last week. I've only put 10 hours on it, but I sure do like it. It cuts great, tall wet grass doesn't bother it at all. I've never had a z before and didn't know I could cut so much grass so fast and make it look great all at the same time. So far I really can't think of anything I'd change on it. It seems to be a very well designed machine and handles great. The only problem I've had is I bogged it down at the bottom of a ditch up against a chain-link fence, it turned out to be a pretty good job to get it out. Other than getting stuck so far I'm well pleased.
  6. jdjoe_97

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    I have a JD 455, and 2 JD M665 ZTR's. The 455 is the seventh JD rider I have owned. I own four other jd tractors besides the mowers. The 455 is two years old and has 670hrs.

    Why buy JD?? Quality, price, parts, and most of all SERVICE!!! I deal when buying new machines with a dealer 70 miles away. EVERYTIME I get ready to trade, or buy a new machine I call three jd dealers. Two of them are 30 miles from me and then call the one that's 70 miles from me. They may all be dealers, but all dealerships operate on different profit margins, especially on L&G. The machines absolutely run flawlessly. I have replaced just two idler bearings at 400hrs. on the deck and the deck belt. Other than that just change the oil and lube it. The company is the only one I have found where absolutely the CUSTOMER comes first no matter what cost!!! Joe
  7. Grateful11

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    I have a GT235, 18 twin Vanguard with 48C deck. I chose it because my wife helps me mow and she's more a ease on it then a ZTR. I cut 2 lawns last Sat. in a 2 year old development and the lawn next door was cut with a large ZTR and I can tell you this the quality of cut with mine was far superior. I think most any good stamped deck will provide a better cut.
  8. Rodg

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    I run a JD 345-just got it this year, but I have run 200 series before that. I also run a walker. The walker is faster on smaller lawns (not bigger ones though!) I will confrim that the JD cut is superior to the Walker. JD service is great as already noted, and JDs are not as expensive to buy or maintain. Just lube and go! If John Deere's new collection system for their ZTRs is good, I think I will trade the walker and become a full time "green man."
  9. Grateful11

    Grateful11 LawnSite Member
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    I mowed a new account today and the lady says" How come my Troy-Bilt doesn't mow this smooth?" I said "What can I say it's a Deere." She tickled my wife and I spent 3.5 hours redoing one of her large beds and then I trimmed, mowed and blowed the whole place and I must say we added about 5K to her property value.
  10. TFL

    TFL LawnSite Member
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    I Have a Gt275 and a M653 and all deere handhelds. i had one costomer that asked why we werent using the deere when we demoed a new mower (new holland which i now own two of)
    thats all she,ll let us use on her yard i have other clients like this but not that brand loyal

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