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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Heller Landscaping, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Heller Landscaping

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    No body talks about John Deere only about x mark or scag...... I see them addvertised are they good. I don't see anyone using them. What do you think of there w\b.

    All comment appreciated. Thanks:confused:
  2. Turtle II

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    SAME THING:confused:

    Mr Heller,
    I've thought about the same thing.

    I can tell you that a USAF base in eastern NC use's mostly John Deer ZTR's and is slowly converting over to hustlers.

    The switch is mainly because they got a cool deal from a local dealer; a HUSTLER super Z with a 72inch deck and a kaw engine for about 7,300.00 each. They have many different types of John deer ZTR's----they are mostly 10 grand or more---but they are also liquid cooled. I am not sure of all the different models and numbers cause they have so many. I see toro on the base golf course---but JD and hustler for cutting the vast acers around the base.

    The Hustlers steel seemed to be of a higher quality---but the deer gives a great cut......I have rode them on 10 foot deep, 80 feet long embankments that make drainage ditch'es for the flight line aera. I couldnt tell you the degree of slope but it was very steep and both perform great. There has never been a sistuation where one has flipped over. Many times the'll get stuck and have to be pulled out with a tractor....(when you run upon an un-seen mud hole)

    Oh-well,,,enough of my rambling,,,,
    You guys have a great week-end,,,
    I'm starting early and going to the beach in the AM.....
  3. rvsuper

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    I have a Deere F-725 4x4 with homemade rollers on the back of the deckto stripe. It's a 1999, but when it dies some day im going to get a brand new Deere no questions asked!!! Well, maybe a Toro or and eXmark, we will have to think about that.....

  4. GrassMaster84

    GrassMaster84 LawnSite Member
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    I love my deere, I run the GS30 36" wb, it'll out perform most other wb's in its class.....
  5. proline32

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    from 98383
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    Out here in my area you see a lot of John deere commercial tools,

    I have a JD SST16 zero turn tractor with a freedom 42 mulching deck, It does a beautiful job of cutting, and I can do many yards with it, It's more productive than my Husky 48 WB and I save my knees a ton of wear.

    Today, I was at my JD dealer looking at one of the large standers that they are now carrying, (formerly Great Dane) Nice.
  6. Phishook

    Phishook LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Tested the JD standers at the expo last week. Really nice ride.

    Verry, verry similar to the GD. The only diffrences I saw were the safties and the deck baffles.

    I'd go with the Deere over Dane...... well maybe next year $$$$

    Great Dane's Charriot was better than the JD ZTR.
  7. Hutten

    Hutten LawnSite Member
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    Underneath all the hype about new lawn mowers there is one basic fact that we landscapers and lawn maintanance technicians can't overlook. It all comes down to how good the mower deck is. I've been doing a little research on John Deere and have found that they have the only stamped steel deck which is standard on all z-traks w/b. Unlike the welded deck, (vulnerable to weld failures), there are no corners to catch material and cause clumping. A full length front baffle prevents blowouts and brushes blades of grass up into an ideal (vertical) position. Stamping also makes for precise spindle placement. They also have a very deep deck (5.75") Overall a pretty impressive machine, and well worth the $$ Although I don't have one yet it is definatly my next machine.
  8. joed

    joed LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have a John Deere JX85 21" commericial mower. It is an amazing machine and very versatile. It cuts great when bagging, side discharging and mulching. I also added a dethatcher on the front for spring clean ups. It leaves the best cut out of any 21" mower I have used including the Toro and Lawnboy. Part of Deere's problem is location of dealers (usually away from large cities) and the fact they don't market their equipment as well as other companies like Toro or Exmark.
  9. rkbrown

    rkbrown LawnSite Senior Member
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    I saw an lco yesterday with 2 guys on a property using JD 21's. It's the first I've seen here. Most people that use 21's around here use Toro Prolines. Those JD's that I saw yesterday left a nice cut, just as nice as the Toro's. I was talking to a local dealer who sells JD, Snapper and Yazoo/Kees mowers as well as Echo, Stihl, and JD trimmers and edgers. Most of the JD mowing equip he sells are either tractors or 21's. I asked him about the JD equip and he said that his other lines were just as good, but some people insist on JD green and are willing to pay more for it, so he carries it.
  10. awm

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    deere has always tried to put out a good machine. ive owned several and most were good machines. i just got tired of the high markup on their machine and
    pts etc. and they certainly arnt the ultimate machine as was the mindset of many ,not to long ago. may still be to some.
    i sold my last one ,when they charged me 7.50 for a 3 inch bolt. of course made so i couldnt get a hardware bolt to do the job.i just decided to reject their package.
    signed ex john deere man.
    if i offend somebody here itll be alrite.
    i exspect id have come out swinging back about 1985, on reading this.jmho

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