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John Deere


LawnSite Bronze Member
Raleigh, NC
I don't own a John Deere but I did look at them. They seemed very good. One of the main reasons I didn't buy one though is because There wasn't a Deere dealer near my house I liked.


LawnSite Senior Member
I took a look at them and even demo'ed one at a Deer "field day" towards the end of summer. I liked it. Good machine for a good price.


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zone 6
If the gs-25 is the 36in belt walk behind, my buddy has one and it cuts really nice [particularly at short heights] with its overlapping blades and compact baffled deck. It has also given him very good service reliabilty. Tom


LawnSite Bronze Member
Moline, IL
Is the gs25 an older model or brand new?

I have a gs30 which I assume is basically the same machine (36" 13hp, however it is a kohler) unless this is one of the new walkbehinds they are coming out with.

I like mine. I bought it at the beginning of last season. It is a very durable mower. I have had zero problems with it, and it cuts pretty good. I think it is a great mower for the $2200 I paid for it (new).

Here is a lawn that I cut with the gs30. Just barely squeezes through the gate. I think I will be adding a striping kit to it this year.