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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WoodBrothersLC, May 31, 2004.

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    I think his views may have changed a little. I'm not sure but I think he had a problem on the last unit he bought. Ask him to explain. You always have to watch your customer service, ALWAYS.
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    Don't assume you know this for a fact. eXmark customer service is great ALWAYS. Problem is, as end users we sometimes want our way only.

    Taking one persons anger and making assumptions about it is bad judgement. If you take only one persons anger and make it into a blanket thought you start making comments like this. There are always 2 sides to everything.
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    I wish that our exmark dealer in town had great customer service. There are so far and still counting 4 LCO's in town that will not go to them because of their customer service. Instead they go downstate (about 2 hours) and buy them from another dealer. Heck they are a Stihl dealer too, but I travel 15 miles to another Stihl dealer just becaue I don't want to deal with them

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    65hoss, Point well taken.

    I guess my comment came across the wrong way. I kind of ment we all must keep on top of our business as it is easy to fall out of favor fast.

    My stable is red, and I am very happy with the equipment and the service.
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    John, U cant be real that Exmark did not treat there #1 pr guy Top notch. wow. How stupid is that.Puts a new twist on things. Maybee we should look at other brands also.I had this stupid impression they would do WHATEVER it took to please us. :(
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    Bad Boy has AWESOME customer service.
    If there is a dealer close by, check them out
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    Hay jammer!! Happy holidays

    They have a policy NO NEW MOWERS and if they gave me one then everybody would want one. Hustler had a customer on a new rider that had a gas tank leaky and wanted a new mower,I thought that was extreme but in my case it was warranted because of the important problems with this mower. I had it for a specific area and needed it to do what a said i was going to do. If the dealer didnt screw it up i might have made it, but i didnt. I still have the mower and i found out what happened to the deck belt that the dealer replaced, they put it on wrong and it rubbed the pulley shaft.

    If exmark did what i wanted when i needed it i would have made it. But when i see how the dealer was taking care of it i got nerves.
    I will never buy another exmark because i dont need to get Another mower like that.
    or even take the chance.

    The dealer called and hinted about a new mower or resolving this issue i have declined because theres nothing more to do.

    65 hoss should go about his business. I dont remember him being involved or a part of this. His comments are totally out of line and he has no knowledge of the matter.

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    No on dealer!
    I'm going to talk to roy Megli about this. I have been so busy i'm going nuts.

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