John George Complete Landscaping, LLC


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hey guys im new to this forum, ive been owner of my company for 4 years now. ive come a long way im 25 years old and i think i have everything figured out untill i talk to someone and learn something new. thats why i joined this forum just looking for some helpful tips. my company specializes in complete property maintenance, snow removal, minor hardscape installation, landscape design, landscape lighting, bobcat service and grading, tree, plant and stump removal, excavating and newly added lawn care service. so far so good with this website very helpful hints and tips so far, still have a lot of questions. i really want to get into commercial i heard its great money if you price it right i have one small account but it isnt the greatest, but the money is good and they always pay on time which is why i want more accounts like it or bigger than it. i still need some advice on how to get in with bidding process, and how to find out when contracts expired and when to place a bid. anybody have any comments it would be greatly appreciated. thankyou guys