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    I got some certainty today for johnson grass. Its just 2 inches tall on one porperty I maintain. Last year I used msma and it kept coming back about 45 days after I hit it with msma. Anyone have luck with msma on johnson grass? Certainty sure is expensive. I know it is too early for msma temp. wise that is why I am gunna try certainty. Also round up was worthless on it. They must have been treating it for years with low doses of r/u and it is resistant to it.
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    Is johnson grass the same as COGAN grass(or Jap. Grass). If so a guy i know sprays razor and also sprays um... I can't remember the other but it takes multiple apps to kill due to it spreads through roots. Kinda like a crap mertle.

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    The johnson grass is in bermuda so I cant hurt the bermuda its in his front yard. Has to be a selective grassy herbicide
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    i stand corrected johnson and cogan are completely different things ignore my previous post. Sorry
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    I used it on my own yard 3yrs ago, when round wasn't an option. I used it at 2oz per acre rate, and it completly smoked every bit of johnson grass up. It took about 2 weeks, but I haven't had any for 3yrs!!! Make sure you add a surfactant to it as well. I think most of the j grass I sprayed was under 8 inches tall. If I see it in any yards now, I usually just spot treat. The stuff is awesome on sedges as well.

    I actually used a generic version, it was 1/10 the price of the certainty.

    Good luck,
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    Ag or IVM labeled sulfosulfuron will be less than Certainty. It is not off patent yet. If you are in a wheat growing area co-ops have Maverick herbicide, which is the same thing as Certainty. It is nice to be a certified applicator if you are maintaining your own lawn.

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