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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcambrose, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. mcambrose

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    I was having problems with one of my Walker hydros, so I changed the fluid this morning. I took it out to the drive and I tried doing some fast spins to see if it went the same in both directions.
    Some how the catcher flipped back (I don't have any ideal how this happened) and the bolt on the gas strut that holds the catcher up broke. The catcher flipped back to the ground and hit a trailer I had. It pushed a hole in the side of the catcher. Bent a bunch of stuff on the catcher frame. I spent all day taking it apart and bending it back to shape. I did get it all fixed, but what a waste of a Saturday. I know that sure was a stupid thing to do. Thought someone deserved a laugh from this, I sure wasn't laughing.
  2. MOW ED

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    I have had the catcher flip up but it didn't fly off. I must admit that I laughed but I am laughing at myself also. I know how fast you were spinning to make it fly.:dizzy:

    Next time keep one hand on the hopper, thats what I do.:D
  3. LawnPro in NC

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    Would have never admitted it otherwise, But almost the exact thing happened to me. I was in the driveway and the neighbor was watching. The hopper hit the ground and was not severly bent but none the less it was bent. I replaced the whole shock. I think that trick cost me about $60.00 and 2 hrs. I was:blush: :angry: :cry:

    Thanks for sharing the experience.
  4. mcambrose

    mcambrose LawnSite Senior Member
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    In addition to the damage to my walker (see above), I just found out my trailer knocked some bricks out of my brick wall. What a bummer. Probably take a couple of days to fix it.
  5. Westbrooklawn

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    This one brought a smile to my face.....not because I thought it was funny, but because I did a similar thing when I first got my Walker. I was in the parking lot of an apartment complex I mowed, and I decided to show off the "spin" manuevers my Walker could make. Not only did the hopper fly back, but it flew open and dumped grass all over the parking lot. It also snapped a belt, bent an idler pulley, and broke the plastic cooling fins off of one of the hydro fans. Talk about feeling stupid.....!!!!
  6. Don B

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    Guess I won't be doing those spins anymore. They were fun though.

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