Jonathan Green/ Green up Customer wants this, Good Idea?

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    Hey all, Have a customer that is having some sort of event in a few weeks. There lawn is full but like most has that pale look to it (yes property irrigated). Told them I would look into it. So I ask is this a good idea this time of year? I have never used anything other than Lesco products but the N seems high to me? I was thinking more Iron than anything. Thanks for any help!
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  2. LandscapeSavannah

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    What turf?

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    Mix of Rye, KBG. Looks like the guys daughters getting married. Aug 15.
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    Just paint it green a couple days before the wedding lol. Use LawnGreener.

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    Believe me when I tell you this guy should have me put Sod down! The daughter is no oil painting! :drinkup:
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    A Thursday wedding? I think that's your baseline here lol. Pictures. Of the lawn too! :laugh:

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    I would plug the soil and see if the roots are getting enough air... I doubt that there is a need for more NPK, just the ability for the roots to take in the nutrients already there...
    Or is could be heat stress and in that case syringing the lawn during the heat of the day may help over all... we've been fairly comfortable since our last heat wave and the grass is only now beginning to grow/green up again...
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    Time is very tight. Go with Lesco 28-0-11; fast release is Ok in this situation. It should be green in two weeks. Meanwhile water heavily, take the weeds out and 3 times per week mow a bit shorter...reel mower with sharp blades; collect clipings. Treat it like a baseball field or golf course fairway. Naturally keep it very well-irrigated to stimulate maximum growth and green. Reduce the water about 3 days before the event so that the soil is not soft--but becomes firm enough for foot traffic. High heels are not good on soft soil.

    Experiment with liquid chelated iron on your own lawn--if you like the greenish black type of color. Apply to his lawn abut 4 days in advance--quick--but does not last long.

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    Many Thanks!!

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