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    I've been wandering my way through the forums for over a year now and have never posted a proper introduction. The name is Anthony. 19 years young, attending college, and have a passion for the green industry. I don't just wan't to start a company and be the boss behind the desk; I enjoy being out and physical and ensuring that my name is not degraded by my work. That being said, I'm a perfectionist and try hard at everything that I do. I started my solo-op in the spring of 2013 with a whopping 5 accounts (three family members for which their bill is nil).

    Here was my transportation and setup to start:

    Harbor Freight hitch mount Wheel Chair carrier w/ some Plywood so the wheels didn't flop through the holes. It worked. Until it got annoying. :nono:


    Found some local lawn maintenance owner having a large yard sale and he was selling some of his starting trailers. Picked up a yr 2000 harbor freight 4x8 folding trailer (1200lb axle, I think?) but boy did it need work. Prev owner had build large, heavy wood lid that sat on top and had hinges on the front. Lid had pipe fittings on top to allow a ladder to be strapped on top. Needless to say it was rotted to pieces and the only salvageable parts were the folding steel bedsides that harbor freight sold along with the trailer originally, and the metal trailer frame itself. I replaced the wheels, springs, replaced pins that allowed folding with heavy galvanized bolts (can't be folded unless its unbolted), cleared all the surface rust, welded on jack, primed and painted, new LED lighting ran, and metal sides re-attached using the 2x4 post mounts instead of bolting it to the frame like the prev owner mistakenly had it.

    Didn't turn out bad. Especially not for my first trailer rennovation!


    Tomorrow I'm hoping to pick up a decent looking 4x8 w/ 1500lb axle. Has gated floor and gated loading ramp. Big upgrade in my books because I hate having to remove the back gate off the current trailer and pull the ramps out and get them into position. The trailer I'm looking at will need new lights ran, but that's child's play for an Electrical Engineering student.

    I'm slowly trying to expand. Need a suitable trailer for a walk-behind, then a wb, hopefully a few seasons down the road i can pick up a ztr and be on my way to commercial contracts! Thumbs Up
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

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    Welcome hope you do well nice looking stuff

    About MONTH or so some one from WV posted on here don't know what happened but there post go deleted ?

    Charles Cue
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    It seems that WV has very limited amount of small landscape/lawn companies. Only larger, more established ones. I'd assume it is because we have such a long Winter season and plow/salt companies around here are over populated. Even if I were to get into plowing/salting a few seasons down the road, it would be pretty difficult to find any work. Most businesses already have contracted and insure companies lined up prior to winter starting.

    Once I'm done with college I'm headed West, though. Most likely Texas unless I have a job offer somewhere else. Already have a job offer in Texas by help of family. Once I'm there, weather won't be as big of an issue. I will just have a lot of competition!

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