Jrco 30gal Sprayer

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    Thinking about buying a used Jrco 30gal sprayer to pull behind my Z mower to do large acreage. The asking price is $1000.00 and it's in very good shape. Just wondering if this is a good price and if anyone has any experience with these. I would like to hear some positive and negative responses.
  2. James Cormier

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    Dont know anything about that sprayer, not too many turf guys use Jrco products so Im sure they dont have much to say about it.

    My advise if your looking for wide area apps, and I see you own a nice tractor, just find a 3 point hitch spray system and hook on the back of your tractor. It will be better built and made for what your doing.
  3. lawn king

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    You can buy a new demco 30 gal for almost the same money. They run off the tractor pto, i have had very good luck with ours.Go to demco. com and look under garden sprayers.

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