jrco blower buggy


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That's what I want to do, is make one. Does anyone know what the difference is between the JRCO mounting bracket for say, a Gravely and one for a LAZER? Is it perhaps just the U-bolts? I have a bracket, I'm just curious if it would work on a Lazer, or if it wouldbe more feasable to just make another. Thanks.


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First off the mounting brackets are all the same, just different widths for different caster wheel bases.

Second, I bought a blower buggy this year and it is nice, but not without drawbacks. 1. It is a lot of weight out front so the drive tires on the toro z like to spin if you are not careful (tear up ground),
2. It makes the machine long, so a little more cumbersome than by walking,
3. you must mount it good!, we had to drill holes directly in our caster forks of the tractor because the mount kept slipping because of the weight.
4. The blower buggy is not as heavy duty as it needs to be, we have only used it a week now and it is becoming "tweaked".
5. You are now using gas in 2 machines for the same work being completed.
6. It is neary a 2 person hookup, and it will take up alot of room on the trailer.

All that being said I have not given up on it. It is nice to windrow leaves and ride, and not carry the weight around. Also, it is nice blowing curbs at the apartment complexes instead of walking 1 mile.

A better JRCO product my guys are loving is the leaf blade plow to push the piles once they are built instead of blowing them, a real time saver.

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We use a blower buggy on the Walker mowers to do parking lots of the commercial and condos we maintain, its awsome with the billy goat 10hp blowing all that debri off paved areas and also works great on fall cleanup to (REAL TIME SAVER) Many many more uses great investment.

John DiMartino

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I am making a blower buggy up now,for my DC,I already have the JRCo mount on the front from the tine-dethatcher,so ill make it fit in those.I plan on using 2 8" castors and a steel plate under the nose of the blower.The handle lines up perfect with the jrco mount-drill 2 holes and slide a 20" 5/16 rod thru with a pin on one side.Stone-are you suggesting that a mower with double hi lifts could replace a wheel blower?LOL I tried it already-didnt work good at all on the DC.The little wonder HO 13hp has much more snot than that.I blow off parking and curb areas more than lawns.


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I have done the Stone trick, and on certian properties, it works. If I mow in a circle, I can pick up the sredded bits in a pile in the center. If there is woods on one side of the prop, I will mow with the discharge pointing to the woods all the time. I mow and blow at the same time. It works in certian situations.