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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhicks, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. dhicks

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    I bought a JRCO Dethatcher a few weeks ago and I'm really pleased with the purchase. I was doing a property the otherday and used it to move leaves into a nice pile for mulching. All-in-all not a bad purchase. I thought the dethatcher looked rather cheesey at first but it has held up to 12 dethating jobs and no broken tines.

    The instructions for installing the dethatcher on my Z and operating it was woefully inadequate. Other than that, a solid performer, IMHO.
  2. MOW ED

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    I have one but I acquired mine in a different way. It is a 48" model that was made for the Toro lawn tractor that I started with. I used it once and sold the lawn tractor to buy my Walker.

    It sat in my attic until I got to thinking that it might fit on my Toro WB. Now I can use the Walker to dethatch and pickup and have a helper use the Toro to dethatch. The mounting brackets are different for the different applications but the unit is basically the same. Rita Smith at JRCO is extremely helpful when you call there.
  3. JLC

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    Dhicks, what machine did you mount this on? Was it your Hustler or the Toro?
  4. mdb landscaping

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    i have the de thatcher and leaf plow. if you need to move big piles of leaves, the leaf plow is worth it. since you already have the bracket, just pop the pins in and youre ready to go. i too am pleased with the dethatcher. does a great job in my opinion.
  5. If you are not breaking ANY tines you have the thing set to high.

    It's a dethatcher not a $400 lawn comb.
  6. mdb landscaping

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    not necessarily true lawrence stone. ive run my de thatcher through the spring and didnt break a tine. it was set right as well. i talked to the dealer about that before buying it, and he said, only on an occasion you will break a tine.
  7. Eric ELM

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    I usually break a tine per acre. If it's set right, the tines angle back and dig in when you take off and stay back until you turn or back up.
  8. lawn and stump

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    The tines seem to get metal fatige after running over about 50
    spring cleanups. I replace all at once then keep old ones for replacements. also a hydro mower is a must my old belt drive
    bobcat would glaze up the belts.
    the tine rake makes the lawn look like you spent many hrs hand raking people like that.
  9. Randy Scott

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    I haven't broke a tine either and have done a boat load of dethatches this spring and also the last couple weeks. I set it exactly as per directions and have even went lower with it to the turf. It is installed correctly and works great. Don't know why they haven't broke? Now that I said that I will probably break one next time I use it.
  10. mdb landscaping

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    murphys law:D

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