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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mac43rn, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. mac43rn

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    I have a question regarding the JRCO dethatcher. I am thinking of purchasing one of these for my exmark WB. I have a few clients who really want a great lawn and will pay just about anything to get it. Good problem to have:) My question is this. Will the JRCO dethatcher do well at removing the small amount of dead grass that is mixed in with the good grass. I aerate these properties on a regualr basis and the lawn look great. However, there is a small amount of dead grass mixed in the lawn. Will the JRCO satisfy these clients and do the job?

  2. Laner

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    mac, I have a JRCO dethatcher on a Toro tractor and have found that it does a good job, however I don't think that it will remove small amounts of dead grass. The dethatcher tends to need larger tufts of debris to kick up and out of the base of the turf. With only small amounts of debris, it tends to roll/push around the tines. -Just my opinion. Hope this is helpful.

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    i have one that went on the front of my hopper i used it once did not like it it has been hanging on my wall since 96 makes a very good shelf rent a detacher
  4. Runner

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    I have one, and I love mine. Yes, it does remove light amounts of dead grass and clumps if there are any. I've used it several times to clean up other people's messes. They cut, end up with some clumps or heavy spread clippings, then they leave them lay and before you know it, the rain gets them, and they are too far down for the mower to shuffle back up. When this rake REALLY shines is during Spring cleanup for shuffling up matted leaves and layed over grass. Yes, the grass itself would be alright anyway, but when you give it a good combing out earlier on, the air and light get to it, and promotes earlier greening. People love this, because everybody gets Spring fever, and wants their place done. Well, when you quote them a price to give the entire lawn a "rakeover", they go for it. Then, you put this thing on their lawn, run it as fast as your mower will go, then windrow all the stuf up (or bag), and you are done in no time. Fast, easy money, and the people are getting what they are paying for. You're not just taking them for a ride. I also have used mine for lawn renovation when the turf is completely dead (grub damage). This works like a charm, both for raking the slag off, AND for stirring in the seed after it's spread. ;)
  5. BobR

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    Will 'second' Runner's post.. JRCO Tine rake is an essential tool for 'spring cleanup's' and any other time you need to wipe the slate clean and reestablish your lines. It is not a 'dethatcher' in the true word but it sure does a fine job of combing a lawn. Try it you will like the results. JRCO also markets an Electric Spreader you can put on the attachment mounting bar it also is an awesome piece of equipment (no more 'red face' or 'pounding chest' from pushing a hand spreader on the larger lawns.
  6. rodfather

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    I have one (60") and love it for Spring Clean-ups. I go a little farther in using it. I have one of our front-mounted Trac Vac 470 Collection System on the mower (61" Ferris) on all at the same time...so I am raking up the debris and vaccing it up in one step.

    Now there is a money-maker:D
  7. lawn jockey

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    :D I will agree will the previous 2 posts we have a 60" on our Ferris 1000z does a great job on clean ups I wish I had it mounted on my 3000z with the vac but the weight bracket wont allow it so we run 2 machines. It sure sounds like the unit you are looking for!
  8. rodfather

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    BTW, the combination of using the Trac Vac 470 and the 60" JRCO Dethatcher is on one of our 61" Ferris WB's (not a Z). Didn't want to confuse anyone...
  9. LawnSmith

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    i didnt feel like starting a new thread. does anyone know the closest JRCO dealer to Louisville, Kentucky?
  10. Runner

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    I would go to their website, get their 800 number, and call and ask them. They would surely be able to help you, and are great to deal with.;)

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