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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Givens Phillips, Mar 22, 2001.

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    I am just looking for some insight. I just bought an aerator, broadcast spreader & dethatcher from JRCO does anyone know anything about this equipment? How durable, what ,if any others are better? I really wanted the up front mounting on my ztr. This equipment allows me to still turn on a dime unlike some pull behind equipment. Thank you for your input.
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    I have used the tine rake for 5 ys and love it for spring cleanups. Buy an extra set of tines because they get metal fatige after a week or two of spring cleanups and when a few go the others all start breaking soon afterwards.
    It makes the lawn look like you spent all day hand raking so no problem getting $50 an hr. watch out for wet areas and moss it might be too aggressive
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    I have the dethatcher and it works well if you go over the lawns twice at opposite directions. Be sure to get some extra tines since they do break. I'm not crazy about the mount of it. I made my own mount and now I can hook it up with one pin in a receiver hitch. I did't get the aerator from them since the ground has to be soft for it to work and that isn't always possible around here. I started aerating yesterday and the ground is still rock hard in the shady areas from frost here, but my Lesco/Classen punched holes with no problems.

    BTW, we have another member from your town. I have met him and I was wondering if you know John.

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