JRCO Front Mount Tine Rake Dethatcher

Kelly's Landscaping

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Milford CT
Used it today I think I like it. The handle is worthless it instales easy enough but cant lift since it has no room to work with the hight of the bar. And pulling it up with a rope is a ***** thing has to have 150 pounds of force from that angle what I do like is it uses the same bar the leaf plow uses so I now take them both with me and switch off through the clean ups.

One thing its not thatching so don't sell it as that but it does a ok job at freeing up the leaves and seed pods that are embeded in the lawn.

John Gamba

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If you put it low enough it will bring up a lot of dead grass. Dont use the handle and a rope is good enough but like kelly said it can be hard.
Once you learn it theres nothing like it anywhere. But if you realy have a TON of thatch you might want to use a POWER DEthatcher.

Oh if you have a 2002 and newer lazer, they have BIGGER CASTERS so you will need the extentions for it.


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I have used it before in the past, works pretty good. Make sure you have a hydro though. It really bogs down the machine. The sucker is heavy too.
C & T

C & T

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I talked to someone who used one and he said it was a PITA to put together and not to get fustrated while doing so. I've rented power dethatchers in the past but thought my profit margin would be better off owning my own. There are two commercial properties I just picked up that need it.

I ordered it this afternoon.

Hey John, you said extentions? I just picked up an 03' lazer 60" (I didn't like the look of the 04's).

Thanks to all.



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Mine just came in to lesco. I haven't had a chance tp pick it up yet.I wasn,t wantin to hear that its in pain to put together!!!

Spose to rain tomarrow, probably pick it an put it together...Wont need it for a month or so yet. Grounds pretty soft right now, still tryin to thaw out...!!


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Clinton, NJ
Got a 60 incher mounted on the front of one of my 61"WB's along with a 470 Trac Vac system. Can you say, "saaaweet"? I love that combo btw...as in cha-ching!!!

Turfcutters Plus

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I built mine for toro z from john deere.Brackets took a long time this winter to make.Lots of engineering there.I put a bent fence post to lift with foot.I can lean back in my seat for more support.I have chain mounted for transporting longer distances.Seems to work well.I have e-z vac 5hp on back of z.Only paid $150 for it,was like new.Brackets are adjustable to work on walk-behinds also.Kinda cool,it will flip over and sit on walk behind front.Jrco has more tines,but i believe this one is tougher built.

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