JRCO leaf plow or dethatcher?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Apr 11, 2003.

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    Recently there's been some posts talking about the JRCO dethatcher and spring clean ups.
    I can see where this would be a great tool for getting those matted down leaves/debris.

    Last fall I was looking into JRCO's leaf plow for moving large piles during fall clean ups.

    Today I got thinking (uh oh!). Rather then buying two seperate accessories, would the leaf plow be effective in the spring for getting the matted leaves up?. I should say, would it be AS effective as the dethatcher?

    This way I'd only be buying one piece of equipment. Also I could just leave it on from fall til spring and not have to change accessories.

    The plan would be to run my WB mower with the plow and a bagger at the same time. The plow would rake/comb the stuff up, and the mower would chop up what's left behind and bag it.

    Anyone using the plow for spring clean ups this way?
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    Go Getter- Don't think this will work. I have never used the leaf plow but use the thatcher on a 36" Scag. The plow has tines on the bottom, but they are short and not flexible. Don't think it would work for thatching. Seems like it would just dig into the lawn. The thatching attachment does work great though, I would recommend it. Mike
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    I was afraid my post might be misunderstood. I'm not talking about actually "dethatching" a lawn.
    I think it's been pretty well stated here that the JRCO dethatcher isn't a true "dethatcher", but more of a comb to pull up matted down leaves, etc.

    The plow's tines are flexible (according to thier site anyway). And I thought it might work similar to the dethatcher, raking or combing the lawn and getting the matted down leaves up. Sorta like using a metal rake.

    Would really like to hear from any of you guys that have experience with the plow.

    Thank you for the input though Mike.
  4. AL Inc

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    Go Getter- I understood your post. The leaf plow is not meant for combing out the leaves and twigs that are embedded in the lawn. If you see one up close I think you would agree. It's a good idea, to do two jobs with one implement, but it won't work in this case.
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    The plow's tines are flexible (according to thier site anyway).

    Their spring steel, and they won't pick up much, if you know what I mean. I have one, can't remember what I paid for it right off hand.

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